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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart's Day!

I love Valentines Day! Any excuse to get spoiled is a great excuse. Growing up I never had a special someone so I was never spoiled. The only Valentine's Day gift that I ever got was from a little boy that was a few years younger than me. He gave me a slab of chocolate. It was cute. He was a great kid and a wonderful friend. So when I met Ben I was excited. We were hopelessly in love and it was Valentine's Day. But as luck goes, neither one of us had money so anything that we did had to be small. I made Ben a train for his present. This was no ordinary train, it was made out of graham crackers and was decorated in cool colours and Valentine's candy. Ben got his hair cut for me and that night we had heart shaped pizza. I also called into work sick that night because I was not feeling well. The following year came and went and due to the lack on money, nothing was done. This year was a little different. Ben is doing very well at his new job and we had a little extra money. Ben works every Saturday from 8:30 to 7pm. Friday night Ben knocked on the back door, I answered it and he handed me a bouquet of a dozen red roses. The thing is that six roses were real and six roses were chocolate. I love my bouquet of roses!

Thanks Honey for making this Heart's Day a wonderful day! I love you lots!