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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bubble Bath Time!

Cynthia LOVES bath time! She would live in the bath if she could (and if the bath could hold her attention for more than 1 hour)! I have been looking for bubble bath for her. But everything I found said that it was for 1 year or 18 months and older. So I have been patiently waiting until Cynthia was old enough. Last week when we did our shopping I went looking for bubble bath. The great part is that I found some! Not just any some. This is special bubble bath and wash - it is for babies! This is for all ages! No more waiting until the kid is old enough. It made my day - well I was still on bubble bath high a week later. Cynthia was not sure what the white bubble stuff was. She has still not figured it out.

This is Cynthia after she stopped freaking out when we first put her in the bubbles. She would look at it then pick at it and could not figure out why it all disappeared.

Once we figured out that the bubbles were our friends, she started to lighten up a bit and have some fun!

Rubber Duckies always make bath time so much more fun!

I edited two videos and put them together. Once Cynthia got more comfortable with the bubbles, she started to hit the water. The bubbles would move. She could not figure out where they went and how they came back.

The second video is of Ben's hand with bubbles on it. Cynthia would pick at the bubbles and try to figure them out.

We played a little long in the bath - Look at my prune feet!

Poster Child for Cuteness!

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Anna said...

Well, she's one of the poster "children" of cuteness!