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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jelly and Cynthia

This is how Cynthia eats jelly:

Step 1: Open mouth for dad to put jelly in

Step 2: Jump up and down to work off all jelly calories

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Service Auction

The RS had a service auction tonight. I want to participate in it and I had all the making for a cake so I decided to try my hand at a two tier cake. This is what I made. The top level is chocolate and the bottom is pound cake. I think that I might be getting a little better. I still want to go and take some classes though.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!

We hope that you have a great day and a very relaxed filled evening at home!

Love all of us over here!


For lunch the day after we made pizza, Cynthia got to eat pizza for the first time. She was first not sure what it was, then she would pick off the pieces of ham that were covered in cheese, finally she got to a piece of the crust and it was all over. Here is just a cute little video of her feeding herself her first pizza.

Making Bread

The other night we made come pizza dough for some homemade pizza. Cynthia had a blast helping with the dough. She helped Ben stir, mix, knead and taste to make sure that everything was alright to eat. What would we do without her?

Cynthia sitting on the table watching what Ben is doing.

Getting her hands dirty.

Her face was full of flour and dough. It was so cute.

Just a little video of her helping. She hates to have things on her hands. Notice how she flaps her hands and wipes them on her pants. That is her way of trying to get whatever is on her hands off. She usually just holds them out to either Ben or I and we have to wash them. By the time this little one goes to school she is going know how to make bread and other tasty kitchen treats. The youngest baker in the world!


The other day when Ben was feeding Cynthia he winked at her. She giggled and 'winked' back. A few days later we decided to see if we could get it on camera. It is so cute. Well we did get it on camera.

And yes, she does not stop moving. No matter what!

Cuteness... Meaning: Cynthia

Here are some super cute pictures of Cynthia!

She was flapping her arms and trying to fly!

The one above and the one below are my favourite ones of her in this batch.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Washing Dishes

Cynthia loves to help in the kitchen. When we have Kool Aid, she will help Ben measure a cup of sugar and then she will sit and mix it up in the jug of water. She really is such a sweet heart when it comes to helping around the house. Tonight she helped me wash the dishes. She is the strictest person to work for. She would pick things out of the rinse water and give them back to me to wash, or she would take things out of the dish strainer to have them re-rinsed. She also ended up dumping a bowl full of water all over me. Even though it took twice as long to get the dishes down, it was worth it. She also makings things so exciting.

Climbing the High Chair

Saturday night we are chilling in the living room. We look over to where Cynthia is and we find this:

She used the legs on the high chair to climb up onto the table. We wanted to know more about how she was doing this so we put her back on the floor and videoed. This is what we saw:

Sorry is might a little long but it is funny to see her little brain working hard at figuring out how to climb back on the table.

A Visit With the Cockcroft's

On Saturday we had a wonderful visit with the Cockcroft's. Cynthia loved to play with her cousins. It will be great fun to see them more often if everything works out with moving to Moses Lake, but that is another story for another time. I forgot to take some cute pictures of them playing together, but here are some just before they left. I posted most of the pictures that I took because I was not sure which ones I liked. In each picture they are all so cute and doing something funny. Hope you enjoy looking at the same 4 pictures.

Cynthia and Kylie are only 5 months apart in age. It is cute to see the difference and similarities. Kylie is taller and skinnier than Cynthia, but Cynthia is going to be like Ben. She looks heavier than she is. Cynthia looks very chubby compared to Kylie but they weight about the same. Kylie is still surfing around things, but she did take a few steps on her own. We think that she saw Cynthia running around and was like: "She is smaller than me, I can walk too!" It was so much fun to see everyone together again.

Left to right:
Kylie, Ethan and Cynthia

The Elephant

Oupa brought Cynthia this super cool elephant from South Africa when he came to visit. The other day we let her play with it. She first sat down and patted it like a pet, then she grab hold of its trunk and dragged it around the house. Who knew that the elephant would give her so much pleasure.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bed of Roses

Here is the little cake that I made. I think that it looks good for teaching myself how to do it. I still need to smooth out my technique but I like it a lot for not knowing what I was doing.


I have been wanting to make some cakes and cupcakes this past week. Over the weekend I made a cake from a box but it just crumbled. So today I made some real cake. I made a small 6 inch cake and with the rest of the batter I made 12 cupcakes. Cynthia wanted to help so much that I let her and Ben ice the cupcakes for me. She had a blast up until she discovered that she can eat it. Then the game was over.

Here are two video's of Cynthia 'icing' the cupcakes. Notice how she stabs the cupcake with the knife. Who needs to fill the cupcake with special filling when Cynthia will do it for you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Suntan and Dancing in the Rain

The other day we went on a walk to the shop (1.3 miles away). On previous walks to the shop we showed Cynthia that the pram was her friend and that she should not be afraid of it. It was a sunny day to it was very hot. Ben loved it, Cynthia was enjoying the ride and I almost died of heat.

Here is Cynthia on the walk home with a flower in her hair!

If you look closely you can see her shoe tan on her foot. Two circles are dark and then there is an outline making a figure eight. At the top on the eight you can see a line going around her foot. She still has it and it has been about 10 days. I am going to have a brown kid!

Sometime after the super hot day we had rain and some thunder storms. We took Cynthia out in the rain so she could have some fun and learn to enjoy it. She had a blast running around.

It was so much fun! I am going to teach her to enjoy the rain and every other precipitation that falls from the sky! She will be so much happier enjoying it rather than complaining about it like so many people do!

Getting Ready To Braai

The other day we had a braai. It is always nicer to have meat cooked over a fire than it is to have it cooked in the kitchen. Ben and Cynthia went out to the braai to clear some of the extra ash out of the coals. Cynthia was so dirty afterwards but she had so much fun - thats all that counts right?

Look at how dirty the two of them are!


This is what Cynthia does when she thinks that she is not being videoed. When she thinks she is being videoed she does it all by in silence.

She might bring back the 'bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop!'

Friday, June 5, 2009


Happy Birthday!

From all of us this side of the world!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Redbox Rental

The first Monday of every month, Redbox has a free movie code that they text to people who have signed up for it. I signed up a few weeks ago and got very excited to have my free movie Monday, but that was the day they changed it to only the first Monday of the month. I have decided to share the code with anyone who checks my blog. That way I can feel like I am getting even with Rebox for taking my free Monday's away from me.

Code: FM63H7