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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cynthia's New Owie

Cynthia always helps me cook. She loves to be up on the counter by my side testing everything that I chop up for dinner. She has to get her hands in and help every time. Last night was the same as every other night. I got the little step ladder out for her to climb on and she stood right next to me. I was in the process of finishing up some gravy to put on her mashed potato for her dinner. As I was about to grab her away from the recently turned off burner, she put her hand on it. She then looked at me with a worried expression and I looked at her hand. It looked like white charred skin. Then she started to cry. Her hand went under cold tap water until Ben got home (about 5 - 10 minutes later). She was not happy at all. For two hours we tried everything to calm her down. Our neighbour's sister is a RN who has been out of work since she was in a car accident in December so we gave her a call. Once Cynthia had calmed down and we had successfully stopped the burn from doing any more damage we were able to take a better look at the damage. The poor little girl has blisters covering most of her palm. The bright side about it, is that it could be worse. We need to keep it covered so little Cynthia does not pick at it and we keep it dressed (if that is the right word) with either an aloe gel or burn gel. Lets just hope that it heals quickly and leaves no marks.

Cynthia showing off her newly bandaged hand last night.

Figuring out what is covering her hand

At lunch today when I redressed her little hand, I tried to get a picture of all the blisters. All the red marks on her hand are blisters. There are about three of them. She also has a little on her middle finger at the first joint.

Here is another view of her little blistered hand. She would not hold still long enough to take picture of her hand so I had to hold her hand in place. She did not like that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ben was on the floor playing with Cynthia and she put an empty bucket on his head and proceeded to play the drums.

Look at how happy she is! Such a cutie!

The Black Ghost

Cynthia was carrying around my PJ top tonight, so I put it on her. It was like a dress that was 5 sizes to big. She then proceeded to place the shirt over her head and walk around laughing.


Monday morning I woke up and had a head cold. It made me feel so bad. Headache, blocked nose, sore throat the works. So Ben and Cynthia decided to make dinner for me. What a wonderful little family I have.

Here is Cynthia eating the onions as Ben cuts them up.

This is Cynthia after dinner. With certain foods, we are letting her feed herself, that is how she got such a dirty face.

Putting On Dad's Shoes

Cynthia's new thing is to pick up Ben's foot and 'carry' it to his shoe. We are not sure where she figured that one out, but it is so cute. She will just 'carry' his foot around until she gets to the shoe. These are usually her hints that he wants to go outside.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Free Redbox Code

Here is this months free Redbox code:


Spread the word and enjoy it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Last night Murray park had some fireworks. Since we are only about two blocks away from the park, we decided to pack up the pram and take a walk over to see the fireworks. Cynthia was a great trooper. Her bedtime is at 8pm and the fireworks only started at 10pm. The fireworks were good, but they never came close to being as good at the fireworks I remember from back home.

Me and Cynthia. The world and its wife was at the park as well.

The sunset

The little Ames family

Some lady was walking around selling glow sticks. So we bought Cynthia two. She had such a blast playing with them.

I know that you can't really see any picture, but Cynthia was sitting on my lap and I was joining the glow sticks together. Every time I joined them, she pulled them apart, they would go pop, mom would make a pop sounds and Cynthia would giggle.

Cynthia really enjoyed the fireworks. She was not scared of the big bangs as all. She acted like they never phased her at all. The only problem we had was that she could not sit still for longer than 20 - 30 seconds.

This was one of her facial expressions about the fireworks. She really loved them!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Free Redbox Movie!

Redbox has another new code out. It is only valid until July 7th. So tell everyone you know and enjoy a free movie!

The code is: 7HE79B

Remember I will be posting another free code on Monday, that code is only valid for Monday!

4th of July Parade

Murray (the little city that we live in) has a parade every July 4th. All the surrounding cities join, so it is fun. We live about a block away from State street, the street that they have the parade on, so we went to it this morning. Cynthia was the only one from our family that was supporting red, white and blue today.

I tried to get some pictures of her in her little outfit, but she has been teething this week and so she was not wanting to be cute for pictures. To add the cherry to her teething, she has fallen three times this week and scrapped up the same knee. One of the three times happened while waiting for the parade to begin. Ben had to run home and get some stuff to take care of her scrapped up knee.

Ben and Cynthia (notice the little flesh colour plaster on her knee, she was not very happy with me when I wiped it down with some disinfectant stuff, that is why she is drinking some juice)

Me and Cynthia

The first group to lead the parade were flag people. They handed out flags to everyone who wanted one. So Cynthia got a flag and we showed her what to do with it.

I thought that was funny. The parade had started already and some guy on the other side of the road had a big tuba , I was wondering if he had lost his parade group.

Cynthia had more or less the same facial expression on the whole 2 hours. Here Ben is conducting with her.

The first shiny float to go by

Another shiny float

Shiny float again

The first of three horses (well one was more a Shetland pony) to go by. This one had her nails painted.

A large group of VW's came by, the cool thing about it was that the leader of the pack was a little remote control VW. They had one really old bug which was cool but the rest of them were the Jetta's, Rabbits and the others that have that body.

This is Cynthia's facial expression of about 95% of the parade. Sometimes she would wave, sometimes not. She did learn that what the floats were throwing was something she wanted (candy).

The best for last! Just like the VW's (and other car 'floats'), the Jeeps had a turn as well! There were about 15 Jeeps and they did tricks! Can you see why I want a Jeep? Well not for the tricks, but I do want one. The yellow Jeep drove up the grey Jeep's tire.

Here we have a Jeep in the middle and a Jeep on each tire. Is that not one of the coolest things you have ever seen?

About 20 minutes before the parade ended Cynthia decided that her parents were cramping her style. So she moved to the group sitting next to us.

The parade was a blast, we will be going to the 24th of July parade at the end of the month and hoping that Cynthia enjoys it a little better.

PS. Sorry Dad I missed your call, we were at the parade and thought I would hear my phone.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fondant Cake

I have some friends who have been wanting to learn how to use fondant. So this morning we got together. We started out by making homemade fondant (which was wonderful) and then we iced the cake with butter cream icing, added the fondant and decorated. This is the cake that they made. I think that it looks very good.