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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mommy's Shoes

Cynthia is a typical little girl and loves shoes! Maybe she loves shoes because when she has shoes on she gets to go outside. Today I was sitting at the computer and I heard a funny clonk, clonk, clonk noise. I turned around and saw Cynthia walking with one of my shoes on towards the other one. It was so cute. I helped her into the second to help her be less off center. Here are a couple of videos of her and my shoes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a very busy and very fun Memorial day yesterday! The day started out with having a ride on my bike. Later we got Cynthia ready for Gavin Miner's first birthday party (the first birthday party that she is attending - so exciting!). It was a surf party at a pool so we got all dressed up in our 'beach' gear.

Don't I look just adorable?!

The Miner's live in Provo, so we decided to stop in a visit Layne! Look at how happy Cynthia is, she loves her uncle!

Cynthia had no problems getting into the water, the problems came when we took her out! She loves her independence so we bought her a little floatation device, she loved it at first, and then learnt that she can more fun in the arms of a parent.

Cynthia's floatation device matched Gavin's! It was so cute, Cynthia sat forward and kicked like crazy in her floaty, Gavin lay back, just chillin!

The two little ones playing in the pool, while the two daddy's compare how the two little ones are sitting in their floaties.

She enjoyed being splashed and splashing, the problems came when she started to drink the pool water.

Cynthia enjoyed hanging on Dad's hands and kicking in the water. She was splash and squeal. Ben took her to the steps and she climb out only to run back into the water, good thing Ben was watching her and caught her when she stepped into the pool. When it was time to cut the cake, she screamed when we took her out of the pool. It looks like we are going to be spending more time at the pool this summer.

Little Cute Gavin and his very own cake and candle.

Eating his little cake.

Cynthia making herself welcome on Kristen's (Gavin's mom) lap.

Cynthia had to be the center of attention so she climbed on Kristen's lap while Gavin was opening his presents. She even dropped some Goldfish crackers in the bag for Gavin to eat.
Kristen, I am so sorry for my crazy little girl getting in the way!

Not even two minutes after leaving, we look back at Cynthia and she has already passed out. I that she had to much fun!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cynthia loves to stack her baby food, but never stacks her wood blocks. Tonight Ben brought the wooden blocks in the kitchen and she had fun playing with them. Look at how high she got them. Such a clever little monkey!


Cynthia had a great time climbing at the park. This evening we took the table off of her high chair and let her sit in it like a normal chair while we all had dinner. When dinner was over and Cynthia was out of her chair, she proceeded to climb it! I think she had a little to much fun climbing!

Helping Daddy!

We bought some brakes for my bike the other day and Cynthia felt the need to help Ben put them on my bike. She would move the tools that he needed, she would run away holding the brakes, she would put things in the gears, she would stack washers on the valve stem and she would try to poke a hole in the tire using a sharp screw. What a wonderful little helper! We could not have done it without her.




Stacking on the valve stem

Trying to poke holes in the tire

Putting the old breaks in the gears

A Day In The Park

We went to the park this weekend. Cynthia had the whole playground all to herself. She had so much fun climbing up, she did learn that the easiest way down was the slide. We are not sure how she feels about that one yet.

Sliding all by herself!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Today Cynthia made a big mess with a piece of bread all over the kitchen floor. Ben got out the broom to clean it up and Cynthia decided that she was going to do it. So she took the broom from Ben and proceeded to 'sweep' the floor. Notice how she pushes a bunch of it under the stove/oven. It makes me wonder what else has she swept under there.


We washed one of our blankets yesterday and Cynthia felt the need to snuggle up in it. Look at those beautiful blue eyes! She is going to break some hearts with those!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Pony Riding!

Wheeler Touch Farm has an independent company come over on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to offer pony rides. Today we went and let Cynthia have her very first pony ride! YAY! She has always shown an interest in horses so I thought that this would be a fun experience. And it was! The guy who brings his ponies to the Farm teaches kids to ride starting about 6 - 10 months old. Cynthia took to him very quickly and kept asking him to hold her. It was cute! There was a larger pony at the other end of the little enclosure and Cynthia kept laughing, smiling and pointing to it whenever she went near it. I think that she had a good time in the end.

Ben, Cynthia, Nibbles and th lady who led Nibbles.


Cynthia loves to climb on things, especially the couch. The other day Ben and I were on the couch and Cynthia joined us. Because both of us were there to watch her, we just let her play. We think that she dropped something behind the couch and was trying to get it which made her look like she was stuck. I went to get the camera, but when I came back she was sitting up already, but her leg was 'stuck' behind the couch.

Little Miss Adventurous!


Cynthia is a little Miss Independent. She loves, and sometimes, has to do things on her own. The other day she would not let us feed her lunch, so we stripped her down, gave her a spoon and a bowl of food and let her be. To our surprise, she never made a big mess like we thought she would.

It was so cute, she would get her had full of food and then wave it around until Ben cleaned if off. She does not like to have her hands dirty. Her face on the other hand, it a whole different story.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Years and Counting

Three years ago today I married my best friend. It has been a wonderful three years. And I look forward to many, many more!

I love you Honey!


Cynthia loves to help in the kitchen, mainly because she gets to taste what is being made. On Sunday I made sugar cookies. Cynthia had fun pushing the shapes into the dough, but once she got a taste of the dough, it was all over. Once I had got all the dough out of the bowl, I gave it to her. She had so much fun trying to lick the bowl clean.

Tonight Ben made some bread for dinner and Cynthia was determined that she would help knead it. I don't think she completely understood what the dough was all about. But she did enjoy it.

Notice at the end she tries to copy Ben, then she looks at her hand like: 'Sticky!'

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diaperless Butts

This is what happens...

when this...

is left to run around without a diaper on!

The Young Age of Computer Literacy

This is why the age of kids being computer literate is getting younger and younger!

For those of you who have spent sometime with Cynthia lately, you will recognize her little dance movements. For others: watch for her little head banging, hip moving, arm pumping dance moves!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For those of you who are not aware of this, I thought that I needed to share it again. Cynthia has a 6th sense for chocolate and will do just about anything to get it. At church on Sunday all the women got little bags of mixed chocolate. Cynthia could sense that I had chocolate and her chocolate side came out. We were talking to a few friends and Cynthia took my bag, and two other bags away from from the three ladies that were there. Then she sat down and tried to open them to get the chocolate. On the way home from church, I opened my bag to give some to Cynthia. When we got home, I turned around in the car to have a look at Cynthia and this is what I saw! Chocolate lipstick!

Monday night we had our neighbours over to watch a movie. Ben and Cynthia went to the shop to get a bag of chips for the little party. When they arrived home, Ben was carrying Cynthia who held the bag of chips. After she gave me the bag of chips I turned around and put them on the table. The I heard a: 'Tsiah' and looked at Cynthia, she was producing a bag of Bliss chocolates. I got excited, they are my new favourite. Later on that night Cynthia was sitting in her high chair and I was standing behind her in the kitchen. I slowly opened a chocolate and she heard the little noise coming from the tin foil wrapper, her head turned around like an owl! She went slightly mad trying to get out of her high chair and to the chocolate.

Gotta love the little kid though! Always entertaining!

Cynthia and the Snail

On one of Cynthia's many walks that she got with Granma and Granpa when they were here, she met a snail for the second time. All she wanted was to play with the snail, and when she was not allowed to touch it, she got mad. Such a little explore. Who needs a boy when you have Cynthia - the best of both worlds. She will pick you flowers and bring in bugs. What more could you ask for?

Cynthia met Mr. Snail. Mr. Snail, be scared!

Cute Mr. Snail

Cynthia determined to touch it.

This is Cynthia getting frustrated and a little mad because Ben will not let her get any closer to the snail.

The closet she got.

Ben and Mr. Snail

Cynthia is not scared of the snail, that is her determined look. She is clawing Ben to try and get closer to Mr. Snail.

Happiness at the snail.