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I update the blog with everything that has happened this month that I was a slacker at. So you will have to click 'older posts' to view everything.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Owie...Old Friends

Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from some long lost friends in Vegas saying that they are coming up to SLC this weekend and wanted to come and see us. I was so excited. So Friday afternoon they arrived. I was still at work so Anna came past with cute little Lizzi to pick me up. It was so great to see them again. We all had a wonderful everning.

That day Cynthia got her first owie from someone else. Ben was putting her in the car seat. He had accedintaly left it in the car, so when he was putting Cynthia in her chair, the hot buckle touch her and she got burnt. It took about 5 days for it to heal completely. Ben felt so bad for all 5 days while he could see it.

Fashion Show

Like most Little Weeds, our Little Cynthia is growing! Yesterday we decided that we needed to get her some more clothes. Ones she will not grow out of so quickly. We went to see what sales Babies R Us had. We found her some cute white pants, a really cute pink skirt and some new Sunday shoes. They were white with this very big and very ugly yellow bow on them. They where on sale for half the price so I figured that I could pull the bow off and put something else on to replace it. Then we went to Walmart. Carters has just brought out some new onesies, and since Mom loves Carters, we bought a pack. Once at home I pulled off the ugly yellow bow and put on a pink one - we think that it looks 100% better. So below is a picture of all her new clothing, oh and her new toy we got her as well, and then Cynthia strutting her stuff in two of her outfits! Is she not just the cutest little thing ever?

To Mom

From all of us to wonderful you, we just wanted to say:


Hope you have a great day!

Love Benjamin, Casey and Cynthia

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Giggles For All...

Mom is pulling some funny faces and Cynthia thinks that it is the funniest thing! Check it out:

Smiles All Around...

Here are a few pictures of Little Cynthia. Ain't she just the cutest?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blowing In The Wind

Cynthia has found a fascination with the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind. When we first took her to the park on our anniversary, Cynthia lay on her back watching the wind blow the trees. She would giggle at them and smile her big open-mouth, toothless smile she has. Yesterday Ben was in the kitchen washing the dishes and the blinds were open. He was telling me how she was complaining so much about being her in chair, then she just went silent. After a moment or two, Ben turned look at her to see why she went from chatting and complaining to silents. She had the interesting look on her face as if trying to figure something out, and was just staring at the wind blowing the trees outside our kitchen window. She is still trying to figure out what makes them move.

Baby Sitting

Last night was the first time that Cynthia was without Ben or I. Ben had school and I was a temp job. So we had to find a baby sitter to watch Cynthia for a couple of hours. We asked this lady in our ward if she could do it. She has two little girls and is a stay at home mom. So she said sure. I was worried a little bit because Cynthia has never been alone without family before. But last night when I went to pick her up, she was having a fun time. She was all smiles and giggles! So now I am not as worried about her anymore.

Circles! Spinning Round In Circles!

Cynthia has been able to roll over for the past couple of months. She can front to back and back to front. Whenever we tell people this their response is: "Now you have to watch her all the time because she will be rolling around everywhere." Though the funny thing is that little Cynthia does not. She will roll over and then complain. So we roll her over again, and then she will roll herself over and start the whole process again. So we have never worried about her being alone and mobile until last night...

Last night Ben took her into our bedroom to get her ready for bed. I was talking to him from the kitchen so he came out to finish the conversation. When we were done, he went back to the bedroom and started to laugh. I went to find out what happened. And we see little Cynthia turning herself around in a circle. Ben left her with her feet facing the edge of the bed. We found her with her feet touching our pillows (a 90 degree turn). We left her there and started to watch what she does. By the time we moved her back into the original position she had turned a whole 180 degrees around. This morning was the same thing. It is the funniest to watch, but she moves. Now we can't leave her alone.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I forgot to let you know Cynthia's latest stats. Here they are:

Weight: 14.62 lbs
Height: 24 inches
Head Circumference: 41 center meters

Happiness is.... Tylenol

Yesterday Cynthia went for her 4 month check up. The doctor was very impressed by how strong she was. She said that Cynthia was on perfect track for her age and was in very good condition. Cynthia was very happy. She was sitting up by herself, laughing and giggling. The doctor was also rather surprised and impressed by her ability to stand. After all the fun and games were over the nurse came in with the needles. Cynthia did not take getting her shots very well this time. She has been misrable ever since. She is running a little fever - but then the doctor said she would. The doctor said that she could have Tylenol. But last time we had shots done, she was fine. So I never thought about needing Tylenol. Boy, was I mistaken. Last night was a nightmare! She was not a happy little girl. So Ben went out at 10pm to go and get some feel better medicine. And oh, happiness is... Tylenol!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life's Updates!

For those of you who keep track of the Ames Family lives, you will know that for the past few months I have been applying for many different jobs that I have found. Finally that paid off! I would say that in the past two weeks I have posted my resume on about 4 different online resources and applied for close to 40 different jobs. My morning routine went as follows: feed Cynthia, put her down for her nap with Ben and then start to search the web for new jobs that I have not already applied for and check the websites that I have already checked. So Wednesday was like every other day. I applied for a job that had just been posted. Then I carried on applying for jobs. Then this morning I got a call from one of the companies that I had applied at. They wanted to set up an interview today, I already had a busy day but figured that I could squeeze them in somewhere. So that was that. I had my interview and they offered me the job. So now you are looking at the newly employed! I got the wage I wanted and everything!

Ben went to the doctor the other day to get his wrist check out. The doctor said that he had tendentitiest - that his wrist was just overly happy. The prescription: take a break. Does she not realise that he works as a dock boy at UPS?

Cynthia has her 4 month check up tomorrow. So more on that tomorrow!

To Dad:

We just wanted to say:


I tried to email you last night, but my internet was not working very well. I hope that you had a great day!

Love Benjamin, Casey and
Cynthia Ames