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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Hogle Zoo!

Hogle Zoo is open to the public on September 10 from 9 am to 12 pm. It is in preparation for their annual Zoo Rendezvous. Only the south part of the zoo will be open and guests must enter through the south gate. Cynthia and I are planning on taking advantage of this free moment, so I thought that I would share it with any one else who would like to have some fun for free!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Driving, Sprinkler and So Much Fun!

Last night a friend called us up and invited us to go play in the sprinklers with them. There is a slide/jungle gym in their back yard that is fitted with sprinkler heads. It is super cool and such a clever idea. It makes everything wet and the slide becomes a wet slippery slide. As long as Mom was at the top to help Cynthia go down and Dad was at the bottom to catch the flying princess, Cynthia had the best time in the world. She loved it. Her face just lit up ever time she went down. It only lasted a short time, then the Barbie car and water sprayer become so much cooler.

Cynthia loved the Barbie car. She kept climbing into it. Later Ben showed the little 'gas' pedal and she was off. She still needs to learn how to steer though.

After learning where the go button was, she was off! Later on she started to wave as she went. Still no luck with the steering!

She loved to fun across the trampoline. Sometime she would stop and bounce a bit then she would be off again.

Running around the with water sprayer.

Trying to figure out the sprinkler. No matter where she stood the water always seemed to get her. She did try to catch it.

Summer and Cynthia playing int he Barbie car together.

Once the Barbie car lost its interest, she tried to figure out the bike. To bad that she was on it the wrong way!

Thank you Autumn for letting us join you! It was a fun time!

A Day In The Kitchen

I have a cooking monster - I joke not! Every afternoon (sometimes lunch time as well) Cynthia goes to the kitchen, pulls out her apron tries to put in on, once she has succeeded (her own way never really stays on long) she heads over to get her step stool. If she can't get that, she is very happy to move the computer chair over to the counter and us that.

Yesterday afternoon she was helping me make potato soup. She got a little bored while I cut things up, so she went over to the choc chip cookies. She took one out, licked it, bit it and put it on the counter. Then she took the next one out and proceeded to do the same. She did this with the three cookies that were left. There was just a small piece of a fourth cookie and then pooped that one into her mouth. It was big enough to fill her little mouth. Then she picked the remaining three up and wanted to bring them to stove - either to put in the soup or to have them help cook. I had to take them away and wash her hands. Because any way you look at it - choc chip cookies in potato soup does not sound tasty.

Cynthia with her three choc chip cookies. Notice that her mouth is a little funny!

I use veggie broth in the soup - its the vegan way so Ben and eat it. Cynthia had the best time ever playing with the empty carton. She kept opening and closing the lid, then she would try and drink it. It was so cute.

Here is the next poster child for Swanson broth:

Would you not just want to buy it? I think that it is so cute.


The other day I wanted to paint my nails, so I got all my nail polish out and along came Cynthia. She wanted to her nails painted as well. The only problem was that she wanted me to paint her nails while she was running around. Ben held her down while I did it. She also got hold of some lipstick that I keep with my nail polish and started to play with that. I could not refuse, so I put some on her. Afterwards, she kept picking at the nail polish.

Cynthia with purple and silver nails and red lips!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corn on the Cob

Friday night we had a little braai. We had steak, potatoes and corn on the cob. Dinner was only ready after Cynthia went to bed, so I saved her some corn for her to have today. She was not sure about eating it right off the cob. First she would not put her mouth near it and only picked at it with her fingers. Then she got a little braver and tried put it in her mouth. I think that she got bored of it or something, but the excitement factor disappeared with 5 minutes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Latest Owie

Out of all the table corners in our house, Cynthia managed to hit her head on the only corner that has a sharp edge. The edge is located next to the back door and has our printer sitting on it. Today when Ben arrived home from work, Cynthia and I went to greet him at the door. She walked into the corner and looked up at me, then rubbed her head. I picked her up to give her some feel better kisses. I always check her bumps to make sure she is not bleeding. She would not turn her head towards me so I gently rubbed my hand across the area that she bumped and there was some blood. Poor little girl! She never cried once, such a brave little pumpkin. Only complained and fussed when I tried to clean it up.

Exercise the Fun Way!

This is how Cynthia exercises on my exercise ball:

First: try balance in the middle

Second: fall over the other side

Third: get mom to hold the ball and sit in the middle, lean forward

Fourth: sit up and look extremely cute!

Lagoon Day!

Every year Waterproofing West pays for all of its employees to go to Lagoon. Free entrance, free parking and free dinner. Yesterday was this annual adventure. Ben and I have never been there so it as a little adventure for us. There were lots of kids rides that Cynthia is big enough to go on, but sadly every time we tried to put her on a ride and leave her, she would cry. So we stuck with the rides that mom, dad and baby can go on.

Cynthia (and Ben's shoulder) on the carousel

Cynthia and Ben on the Wild Kingdom Train

One of Cynthia's facial expressions

Another common facial expression

Me and Cynthia on a kiddie coaster. She was not sure that she liked to very much and the whole time made a 'aaa' sound the whole time that was more nervous than anything else.

When I went to Disney World I had a picture/video taken of me trying to drink out of the water fountain. Here at Lagoon, they have water fountains for kids Cynthia's size. I had to take a picture to remember the Disney World trip!

Thank you Dad for a fun day! I love you lots and lots.
Now I will sleep the whole way home!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chef Cynthia

Cynthia absolutely loves to help me cook. She knows what time I start cooking and gets very upset if I don't start then or if she can't help. I swear that by the age of 3 she will be able to cook you a great dinner! She has learnt that things of the stove are hot and does not try to touch them - though I still keep a very close eye on her when she is helping me.

Cynthia sauteing onions and green peppers for lasagna

I put her in Ben's old Safeway apron so she does not get her clothes dirty. I wanted a picture of her in the apron so I pulled her away from the stove - she was not happy, as you can tell by her face.

Cynthia and the Vacuum

I usually try to only vacuum when Ben gets home from work so that he can entertain Cynthia in her bedroom and I can vacuum in peace. Today I decided to just do it and see what happens. Cynthia would not go near the vacuum when I first brought it out. I thought it was funny the way the would walk around it and keep her distance so I had to video it. One day when she is old enough, this is going to be so funny! By the time I was done vacuuming, she was petting it like it was her friend.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Copycat Cynthia

Cynthia's new thing is to climb on the couch, pull of the blanket from the back of the couch and cuddle up in the blanket. I could not figure out why she would do this. Then Ben informed me that I sit on the couch under a blanket and that she is just copying me. I thought that it was cute and annoying all at the same time. Annoying because I had to fix the blanket after every cuddle and cute, well because she is Cynthia and can only be cute! Lately she has been climbing into our bed and doing it as well. She push the blankets down, sit down and then pull the blankets around her.

In bed with Ben's safety glasses one. She kept wanting to lie down and I wanted her to sit up for a picture.

Smiles and giggles on the bed!

More smiles and giggles on the bed!

Today I found Cynthia sitting at the back door under the mat we wide out feet on reading a book. I thought that it was so cute! She will climb under anything.

Baking a Cake

I decided to make a little cake this week. Being the perfect helper that she is, Cynthia wanted to make a cake as well. So I gave her a little bowl and spoon. She was happy with that until she saw me putting stuff in my bowl. Then she wanted stuff in her bowl as well. So when I put something in my bowl, I put something in her bowl as well. She had such a fun time mixing it all together. She never messed on the floor or anywhere else. Such a prefect little helper! Here comes the next Betty Crocker!

Sadly there are no pictures on the cake because my fridge in on the fritz. My fridge is about a degree or two below room temperature and the freezer is over freezing. The repair man is due in the next few hours. With the fridge problem, the pudding that I put in the middle of the cake has gone off so the cake is on its way to the trash.

Stake Fair Day!

Every year our stake has a fair/BBQ. We never went last year since it was right at he same time that we moved into the ward. We thought that it would be fun for Cynthia this year so we went to see what it is all about.

We first had a BBQ dinner, then we went for a candy floss dessert. Cynthia was not impressed with it at all. She would not eat it or even touch it. She loves sweet things so we thought that that is was a little strange. Then we found out that some of our friends kids never liked it either. Maybe it is something that we grow to love.

Ben and Cynthia with the candy floss. Cynthia is pulling a funny face.

I took her to get her face painted. She got a little heart on her cheek. She looked so cute!

Ben then took Cynthia down the very big blow up slide. She loved it. I took her down once and Ben took her down twice. All times she laughed and giggled and had a huge smile on her face!

I took her fishing. She had a great time flinging the fishing pole around and splashing other kids. Patience is not something that she has yet.

She also got to through bean bags into some hoops. She missed every one, well she never got close to anything besides her feet. So she got to pick one up and take it over to the guy who was looking after the booth. Then she got a sweet.

At home after the fun day out. We all had a good time! Maybe next time she will enjoy the candy floss!

24th of July: Parade and Home Fireworks

Here is Utah the 24th of July is about 20 times bigger than July 4th. Every year Salt Lake has a huge 2 - 3 hour parade and a whole week of events leading up to it, along with a whole day of events. Ben and I went the first year we were in Utah, all our roommate went out the night before and slept on the sidewalk to get good seats to watch the parade. We also got to see President Hinckley in the parade. That is how huge the parade is. This year we decided to go. We did not sleep on the side walk - all me paranoid, but I did grow up in Africa. We got there 2 hours before the parade started and lucky us we found a good spot to be at. I thought the parade started at 8am so we got there at 7 but it really only started at 9. Cynthia got bored near the end of the parade, but it we still had a good time!

1 hour before the parade stared. Looking south on 200 East.

Looking north on 200 East. People have lined both sides of the street. They brought their tents and everything. It is really something to see if you are ever in Utah around that time.

The Ames Family! Cynthia was more concerned about life around her than smiling for the camera.

Just like the July 4th parade. Cynthia made friends with the people sitting next to us, who fed her breakfast with their kids. She got to sit on dad's, mom's and some of the kid's laps throughout the parade. But she preferred dad's lap because she kept going back to him.

Elder Henry B Eyring and wife.

Cynthia after the parade at home in her parade outfit. She would not wear her hat the parade and a kid on the one side of us had the same and tried to steal it when the parade was over.

Ben surprised me and bought $4 worth of fireworks for evening. We got sparklers and some other kinds that spin on the ground. Cynthia did very well playing with the sparklers. Notice in the video above, she tried to blow the sparkler out. She is so cute!

It was great day!

Welcome Home Pridays!

Our neighbour who lives above us severed her mission under the loving guide of the Priday's in Canada. She informed us about there little home coming party that they were having on July 19. We decided that we would crash the mission party. It was great to see them again and hope to see more of them in the future!

Cynthia's Owie Update!

Cynthia hand has healed up very nicely. We don't think that there will be any scars or future problems. Since she is like her father and enjoys to pick at things. She ended up picking her bandage off and picking at the blisters. There are only light pink marks on her hand where she burnt herself. She never had any problems using her hand after she burnt it. We are just glad that everything is great with her little hand.