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I update the blog with everything that has happened this month that I was a slacker at. So you will have to click 'older posts' to view everything.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cindy Kim Helping Dad Fix the Drawer

Will He Eat Her?

Last Saturday there was a stake relief society function. After the function I was sitting in the lobby waiting for Ben and I over heard the conversation of a group of older ladies. They were all well dressed (we live is a very wealthy stake). I would have to guess that they ranged from about 55 - 80. What caught my attention to begin with was the content of their conversation. This is what I heard... "He has such a gorgeous body"... "I wonder if he will eat her"... "He is so charming"... "But that body of his"... I was starting to get a little confused. Then it accrued to me that they were talking about Twilight. The books are marketed to the young adults, so it was rather funny to see and hear a bunch of older ladies talking about this young vampire's body.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Exciting and Eventful

Today has been a VERY exciting and eventful day. It started out like any normal day, expect Cindy Kim decided that she was going to roll over - all by herself. She woke up from her nap and Ben put her on her back on the bed to change her or something. Then he turned around to get changed himself. I was sitting on the bed next to Cindy Kim. She was wriggling like she always does so I was not paying her much attention, then I looked down. She had started to roll over - from her back to her tummy. She was just merrily wriggling and rolled over. It was funny. Later that day Ben was trying to get her to do it again, and she could - just with a little bit of help. Lately she has also been more talkative. She is extremely verbal when she is just sitting in her swing or something, it is just the cutest. But you have to make sure she thinks that she is being ignored, because as soon as you give her attention - she is quite. Then later on today once the mail man had brought us the mail, I got a really exciting piece of mail.... My work visa!!!! So now I can get a job and bring in some money! There is this ice-cream place that has just opened up down the road that I have have wanted to try for some time, so Ben decided to celebrate and take me there. It was a blast. So now it is 7 PM and we are all pooped from our eventful day!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why is Peek-A-Boo so Much Fun?

Talking With Ben

This is Cindy Kim teaching Ben how to talk (and doing a really good job at it)!

Mixed Supporters

Like Father... Like Daughter...

Remember a couple of posts ago, there was a picture of Ben and Clarence sleeping on the couch during conference. Well Ben was up all night last night with Cindy Kim, so this morning I find the two of them sleeping on the couch together...

Its gotta be the couch!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

On a Roll...

The other day we put Cindy Kim on her tummy and she started to try and roll over. She was even successful. Then we got the camera and she conveniently forgot how she did it. The next day, we up her on her tummy, camera in hand and she just cried. Today we put her on her tummy again, not thinking that she would do anything and she rolled over! It was great. We picked her back up and she did it again and again and again. I ran to get the camera ready thinking that she will just 'forget' how to do it, but instead she just carried on rolling over. I always joke with Ben that we have the advanced model!

The first rolling over on camera:

Again and Again:

Before... After

Lately Little Cindy Kim has started to wriggle her entire body in her sleep. We put her to bed and she looks like this:

In the morning we find her like this:

What are we ever going to do with this wriggle worm? LOL!

Pure Ecstasy...First Giggle

Last night Ben and I were putting Cindy Kim to sleep. She had a really full belly and a clean diaper. I gave her to Ben so that he could wrap her up for the night, but instead he felt the need to play peek-a-boo. She was smiling and making her little noise then all of a sudden she looks at me and giggles! It was a real baby giggle laugh. And it was just the cutest. We tried with all our might to get her to do it again, but that little giggle seemed to take every little ounce of energy she had left and she started to fall asleep. So without any doubt, we will try again today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cindy Kim's Debut

On Sunday Cindy Kim got blessed in Sacrament. It was a great day. The weather was perfect - a beautiful sunny spring day, not to hot and definitely not to cold! Here are some pictures from the event:

The newest Ames Family

Everyone that was there

The Ames and Adams family

The Ames and Ames family

The men in the circle

Las Vegas West Reunion

April 4th, Ben, Cindy Kim and I went to Ben's mission reunion. Ben knew about 3 people there and I knew 2 people there. I thought that was very funny! One of the girls that I knew served the same time as Ben but they never met or served with around anyone that knew the other. I thought that was rather funny. Anyway here is a picture of the Ames family with President and Sister Smith (the mission president and his wife).

What Next?

Today I got all my grades back from college. I am very surprised at what I got. I did not think that I did that well since I was a space-ball most of the semester with a new baby and all. Here are all my grades:

Accounting II: A

Human Resource Management: A

Business Planning: A

Book of Mormon II: A

Doctrine and Covenants II: B

In my Doctrine and Covenants class, my teacher had the strangest test. We were not told that we needed the student manual and most of the answers to the questions were in it. Also, we would spend a whole 30 seconds on one topic and then we would have about 20 points of the tests about that. It was still a fun class and I did get a lot out of it.

My accounting class was another story in itself. I think that I learned something from it, I am just not sure. My teacher was a wonderful lady that really tried her best and understood when I never went to class and the few weeks that I took off when Cindy Kim was born. But the only reason why I did well is because of two reasons: 1) Colby (the guy I sat next to) re-taught me everything the teacher went over and 2) I really believe that I had angels writing my tests for me. You see before the test I would be stressing about something and Colby will try with all his might to explain it to me lament terms and I would just be more confused. Then in the test, I would write it like it was second nature to me. It was a really strange feeling, as though someone else was moving my hand I was just there.

I blew my teacher away with my PDF portfolio in my Business Planning class. He was still in the old-school way of doing things and wanted your portfolio in a binder, but I had everything on the computer and did not want to kill trees with my 150+ pages. So I did it in PDF and he loved it. I gave him a CD with it on and he said that he needs to get his future classes to do it this way. I was like: YAY!!!

Now that college has finished and I have graduated: What next?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, No.... Its Cindy Kim

Friday, April 11, 2008


Graduation was fun. It was a whole new experience for me. Cindy Kim was a trooper through the program, she slept about 95% of it. I met Elder L Tom Perry and Elder Kerr. I knew all the teachers that where in the shaking hands line once you get you degree thingy. I knew a bunch of people that were graduating with me, so it made things a little more fun. This graduation marks the end of the students who knew the mansion (the old campus before they moved). That is said. Most of the students that were graduating with me, never knew the old campus. That makes me feel like I am a dinosaur or something.

So the day began like any other. Cindy Kim never let me get as much sleep as I wanted, so I was running on low. Then I started to freak out a little. I never knew if I was meant to get dressed at home or not, I did not know what side my tassel went on and things like that. At 12:30 Layne arrived and we all left for school. We arrived at the Assembly Hall at about 1:00 - the time that I was supposed to be there. Then I got to hang around in the Tabernacle for about 45 minutes while we wait for all the students to arrive. At about 1:45pm, we began the walk to the Assembly Hall. Once there we walked through all the teachers and into the Assembly Hall. Then we walked around the Assembly Hall and to our seats. We hear talks from Elder Perry, President Woodhouse (school president), and two students who were graduating. Then we all stood up, and they said some funny little hockus pocus thing and we got to move our tassels to the other side and walk up on stage to shake every one's hands and get our picture taken. Then we left out of the back door. That was were I got a bunch of pictures with some friends, lost some friends that I wanted to get pictures with and found some teachers. We then went back to the College for a reception, where we had some food, a class picture taken, give a pin as a little present and got a rose.

And by 5 PM we were back at home, with me making dinner like nothing had happened. So I am now a college graduate and scared of the real world!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wiggles and Giggles

Cindy Kim just loves to wriggle! She is a worm and never stops. Last night she fussed all night and would not let me sleep very well. So once Ben got home from work, he looked after Cindy Kim while I took a nap. This is a video that Ben took of little Miss Wriggles this morning. I thought that you might enjoy it. She wriggles and giggles and talks to one and all.

Cindy Kim and the Cat

So the other I heard a cat outside out back door. I told Ben and we opened it slowly so that the cat would not come in. We decided that it would be fun to see how little Cindy Kim acts around the cat. So we take her out of the back door and I get the cat. The cat belongs to one of our neighbours that live in the apartment complex - that is why we said it was okay because it was not a stray. We are sitting in the passage way outside our back door. Cindy Kim in sitting on Ben's lap and the cat is playing around with me. Cindy Kim just looks at the black cat, while the black cat is so scared of Cindy Kim. It was funny. I would pick the cat up and put it under Cindy Kim's hand so she can feel its fur and the cat would jump three feet into the air to get away. It just shows that no matter how big or little we are, the animal is always more afraid of us than we are of them. In the end, Cindy Kim had no interest in the cat. I think we need to wait until she is a little older next time.

Can You Spot the Difference?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cindy Kim Update

Cindy Kim is just so funny. Over the course of her short little life span, I have been watching her. And this is the conclusion that I have come to: in the morning when she wakes up, she decides what she is going to do. Let me explain... All of a sudden she can hold her head up, and that's that. I look at Ben and I am like "Did I miss something?" I know that she has been building her muscles up and all that, but I just think that it is funny how one day she can't do something and the very next she is doing it like a pro! So as of today, she can hold her head up, she is balancing herself against things to make herself sit (if she would hold still - she is a constant wriggle worm) and has started to have conversations with herself and those around her. It is rather entertaining to watch her just sit and coo at Ben when he asks her questions. We have tried on multiple attempts to record it, but the moment that the camera comes out, the cooing stops. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but Ben and I think we might have this sleeping thing down.

Step 1: Warm room (about 68-70 F)

Step 2: Dimly lit room

Step 3: Tilted mattress (so Cindy Kim does not chock on mucus and saliva)

Step 4: Socks on her feet

Step 5: Ben's miracle wrap (we don't have $30 to order a miracle wrap, so Ben crafted his own out of two receiving blankets - if you want to know what a miracle wrap is just go to miraclewrap.com)

Step 6: Filled to the brim with warm milk

With those few steps we are able to get 9 hours of sleep. It has only happened 3 times in a row, so we are hoping that we can make it last. Now that school is finished,my goal is to get an early sleep schedule for the little princess.

Big Events

So this upcoming week is full of big events! On Thursday I will walk at graduation - I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time. Sure I will be graduating (which is a huge deal since I dropped out of high school), but I will be entering the big bad world. I am no longer a big fish in a little pond, I will be a tiny fish in a huge ocean. It is also Cindy Kim blessing. She will officially be on church records - now that is exciting!