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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family Photo

Shared, Britney and the kids stopped by this weekend. It was a great day with all the family together. Here is our family photo that we took.

When in Rome....

...Do as the Romans!

Mischief learning to play football

Friday, February 26, 2010

Licking the Beaters

The RS in my old ward had asked me to make 3 cakes for the RS party they were having in March. I told them that I would. Last night I pre-made roses for one of the cakes that I was doing. Ouma and Cindy kept coming and stealing the icing that I was using. So once I was done, I gave them the beaters to clean.

Cindy waving at the camera

All smiles while we get a sugar high

I love this picture, Cindy is not sure if she is allowed to do lick the beater

I wanted one with Ouma and Cindy smiling, but when I said smile, Cindy waved.

Cute Cats

I just thought this was cute. Our new place is on the the third floor so we have a balcony. Once we had a bright sunny day we opened the sliding door so the cats can have a little fresh air. Well, this is as far as they got.

Hope telling Ally that he is the man and the oldest so he gets to go first.

Putting Together the Toddler Bed

We bought Cynthia a toddler bed so that she is not sleeping on the floor any more.

Ben, Cynthia and Marius putting the bed together. With Cynthia's help, it took them twice as long to do it.

Cynthia waving for the camera - her latest thing to do when you say smile.


A few weeks ago we were out late - way past dinner. So we decided to pick up something small to hold everyone over until we got home. We got Cynthia some chicken nuggets, thinking it would be something that she could eat by herself and enjoy. The last time we had to pick up something small to hold everyone over, we got Cynthia a Jr. hamburger, which she had a hard time eating. Well this time, all she wanted to do was eat Daddy's burger. She would lick the sauce that was falling out, take a bite out of the top of the bun, steal a piece of bacon, all she wanted was Dad's burger. Funny little girl. She would go crazy trying to get a bite of it. I wanted to take pictures of the first half of it, but I thought my camera was at home. Once all the fun and games were over and Ben gave into Cindy, I realized that I had the camera with me.

Taking large bites out of Daddy's burger

Smiling for the camera

The biggest of all bites - the last. Took over half of the last part of the burger.

Moving Out

While packing up our old place, we would come across something funny like this:

Mischief in a cupboard. He was a pro at getting to high places. I even found him on the top shelf above the washer.

Then we have this cutie! Finding her way into the center of attention all the time. This is her waving at the camera.

Once again, in the cupboard. Such a little heart breaker!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Home

Since my mom, Marius and the three cats arrived, we have been looking for a new place to live. We have been trying to stay with a budget and we finally found something. We wanted a house, but beggars can't be choosers. We settled for a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment in a apartment complex. It is located on the third floor and has a balcony. The kitchen is not as big as I like it, but the way that it is laid-out it does not feel small and crapped. And because we are now in an apartment community there is a pool, jacuzzi/spa fitness center, play ground, free movie rentals, basket ball court, racket ball court and two tennis courts. Some fun for the summer time!
The layout of the new apartment - just flipped from the one we are renting.

Kitchen view of dining room/hallway/living room

Laundry room behind kitchen

Living room, just left of the picture is the front door and entry way. The sliding doors lead to a balcony.

The kitchen, behind the doors by the fridge is a storage room with washer and dryer

Another view of the kitchen, doors open the show the washer/dryer

Dining room

Hallway. First door on left, Mom and Marius's room, second door on left, Cynthia's room, first door on right, general/public bathroom, second door on right linen cupboard, door at end, master bedroom.

General/public bathroom

Mom and Marius's bedroom. The small window shows the balcony.

Cynthia's Room

Master bathroom - same as general bathroom but opposite sides.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom walk-in closet - it is huge, if we really wanted to we could use it as a child's bedroom, minus windows and such.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Stone

Last night Mom treated us to Cold Stone. A place where you need to visit at least once when you arrive. Marius is still learning the sizes here, so he got the 'Gotta Have It' size which is large. Lets just say his eyes were a lot bigger than his tummy!

Marius and Mom showing off the different sizes of ice cream. Marius - Gotta Have It, Mine - Love It (the middle one) and Mom - Like It.

Having fun!

First Petrol Station

There are a few new things that are a little hard to face when you first move to the USA from Africa. One of those new things is pumping your own petrol. Back in SA all our petrol stations are full service. The first week in the States we throw Marius in the deep end and Ben gave him the step by step run down of pumping your own gas.

Step 1

Step 2

The finished product!

Girls Lunch

Over the weekend, our dear friend Anna and her family were driving through Utah on their way to Oregon. All us girls had lunch at the Olive Garden.

At the table waiting to order

After lunch we took some pictures outside

So much fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome Cake

We invited some of the RM's over that Mom and Marius become good friends with back in SA for some cake and ice-cream this weekend. This is the cake that I made for the party. It is a red velvet and coconut cake. Mmmm....Nummy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitty-Kat Love

Cynthia has taken to the new little furry friends that live with us. Lets just say that they are still trying to cope with her.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pony Carousel Birthday Cake

For the party I made Cynthia a red velvet and vanilla checkerboard carousel cake! It was super cute!

Side View

Top View

Cynthia next to her cake!

Cynthia's Birthday Party Round 2

I decided to hold off having Cynthia kiddie birthday party until my mom got here so she could enjoy it with us. This weekend we had all Cynthia's little friends over for Marie biscuit icing. So much fun!

Everyone around the table

Layne brought a girl for all of us to meet
Marius, Mom, Layne and Sarah

A different view of everyone around the table

Opening presents

The Carvers - Swing 'n Score baseball
The Smiths - paper to colour on, crayons, sun glasses and a bag
Hannah - two wooden puzzles
Gavin - three super cute books
Ouma and Marius - the super cute outfit that she is wearing

The Miners - Gavin's parents

Blowing out her candles - the best part of the day for her!

Thanks to everyone for coming and making this day so special for Cynthia!