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Monday, May 26, 2008

Laughing Cynthia

First Bite

This weekend Little Cynthia turned 4 months! YAY!!! Over the course of the last couple weeks we have been noticing that our little monster, while we eat, looks like a little puppy with a look on her face that says: "Me too?" So we decided that we should see how she does with liquidized big people food - rice to be more accurate. It was rather an interesting event. We don't have a high chair for her so Ben had to hold her while I was feeding her or I held her while Ben fed her. She is a very kind baby and likes to share her food with her hands, arms, legs, bib, onesies, nose, cheeks, Ben and I. We have decided that it is safer for her to eat liquidized big people food on bath days until we get the whole spoon thing down. I have to say that she has some Adams family in her - she likes to play with her food, especially blow bubbles. But she is a joy to watch!

Welcome to the world of new flavours, Cynthia!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Cynthia had her appointment with the specialist today. Our pediatrician was concerned that she might have a submocous cleft palate. The specialist said that he would be impressed if the pediatrician had picked one up. We do have one of the best pediatrician's in Utah as our doctor! He checked it out and said that he does not think that she has one and even if she did, he could not do anything about it until she was about a year old. He explained to us that the only way that a submocous cleft would effect her was in her speech. He said that it had something to do with the tendents at the top of her month not closing when they were supposed to, but if she is eating fine and everything is good, then we have nothing to worry about. So other than a worry that she might have an egg allergy - Little Cynthia is perfectly healthy!

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary! Ben brought me some fresh picked flowers from the garden outside - they were so cute! We had decided that we would go to the park and have a braai. It all went as planned. The day was warm and sunny, everything was green. It was just a great day for a braai. We arrived at the park around 5:30. Ben started the fire, but soon realized that we had forgotten matches. So he went home to get some. Cynthia and I sat on a blanket on the grass next to the fire pit and table. She was lying on her back and watched the breeze blowing the trees and clouds above her. She kept smiling and giggling at it. I think she was trying to figure it all out. She would get this expression on her face like "how is that moving?" Then she would smile and laugh about it. She is just so cute. During all that Ben arrives back and starts the fire. We make some rolls on the braai - oh they tasted so good! Then we threw on the steaks. Half way through the stakes cooking, the wind picks up and it starts to drizzle! I panic about having Cynthia out in this weather so I rush her and everything I can back to the car. Ben finishes the steaks and we head home to watch National Treasure 2. It never turned out as planned, but it was still fun! Here are a couple of pictures we took:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Books Vs. Toys

Cynthia has been showing no interest whatsoever in toys. She will not reach out to grab anything or looks at you with a "what-are-you-doing" look on her face when we try and get her interested in a toy or something. But please what ever you do, do not read a book without her! She gets mad if you are reading something and she can't read along as well. It does not matter what it is - scriptures, novel, baby books - make sure she is on your lap and can read as well.

Attention Seeker

Lately Little Cynthia has started to use her voice a lot more. We put her in her swing when we are eating or are doing something that we need both hands for. If she feels that she has been unjustly put down, she will make sure that we know. She will have a semi-grin on her face and make ear piecing squeals until we look at her. Then she smiles and giggles. I am betting that she just might be a little high-maintenance as she gets older - but then what girl isn't?

Smarty Pants!

Since I am going to start work soon, Ben and I have been trying to get Cynthia on formula. We have tried the milk based formula and she did really well on it, but Dad didn't! Ben started to have an allergic reaction to the formula powder in the air. Now we are trying to see if the soy formula will be just as good. Here are some pictures of Cynthia holding her own bottle and feeding herself. She did it all on her own. We did not help her or encourage her to do this. What a clever little monster we have!

Cutest Baby EVER!


Check out my hair!

New Trick

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Lawyer

Yesterday we took a long road trip down to Provo to see a immigration lawyer. Boy was she helpful. She went through all my paper work and told me what I need to focus on. She gave me little inside hints and everything! Most of you know the problems that I had last year with my paper work. Well she told me not to worry or stress and that I just need to resubmit them. She said that it will take to much time, stress and money to try and get them to do let me resubmit with the original amount. She also told us that it would a waste to try and get the senator to help. So as soon as we have $1000 odd we will be sending in my paper work again. This time wish me luck.

The Dentist

Jimmy: You're a dentist?
Oz: Afraid so.
Jimmy: You suicidal?
Oz: Why would you say that?
Jimmy: Well, I read that dentist are prone to suicide.
The Whole Nine Yards

Ben and I decided that it is time that we went for a check up with the dentist. My teeth have been hurting me, so I gave into my pain, ignored my fear and off we went. American dentist are the worst! Back in South Africa, you make an appointment with the dentist, you see the dentist and you get your teeth fixed all in one day. Not here! I have a few teeth that are bugging me, so I was hoping that I could have them fixed. The dentist looked at my teeth, told me that I have a few cavities that need fixing and that I need to make another appointment. Ridiculous!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Cynthia's latest big step in her little growing life is constanants. She has moved on from her single vowel sounds and has add her first constanants! It is so exciting. She decided to make Mom's day and start with M!

We don't think that she has any idea what she is saying but she has started to say "ma" a lot lately. It is more like "mmma-mmma" but it still sounds like ma, and sometimes she gets just ma. It is so cute and just makes my day every time I hear her say it!

New Favourite Game

Cynthia's new favourite game is 'throw the sock in my face.' She finds it so funny every time she gets a sock in her face. Here is a video so that you can see just how much she enjoys its.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May

Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That lovely month when ev'ryone goes
Blissfully astray.
Tra la! It's here!
That shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts
Merrily appear!
It's May! It's May!
That gorgeous holiday
When ev'ry maiden prays that her lad
Will be a cad!
It's mad! It's gay!
A libelous display!
Those dreary vows that ev'ryone takes,
Ev'ryone breaks.
Ev'ryone makes divine mistakes
The lusty month of May!

We all remember that wonderful Camelot. May is meant to be sunny and springy, but instead I woke up this morning to this:

And it only got worse from there!