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I update the blog with everything that has happened this month that I was a slacker at. So you will have to click 'older posts' to view everything.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Adventure

The Ames Family down here is Utah are about to begin a new adventure - MOVING! For those of you who don't know, we are moving to Murray this weekend. It is a great location and wonderful rent (same as what we are paying now for MORE!). We are moving to the basement apartment (lots of windows so you don't feel like you are half under ground) of a condo. Sadly, no we are not buying it, but we are hoping to buy something in the next year or two. This apartment has two bedrooms, a front door and back door. Here are some pictures:

The architect in Ben! This is the layout of the apartment so that you can get a general over view of the apartment.

What you see when you are standing at the door to the master bedroom.

From the window in the master bedroom.

Standing at the door to the bathroom.

Check out the space between the walls and the toilet - and the toilet is not even centered. There is a window above it.

The bath tub (there is also a shower in there).

Bathroom sink.

What you see when you stand at the door to Cynthia's room. Notice how one window is dark and the other is light. The dark window has this large bush out side of it, when you look out the window that is all you see - nothing else!

What you see from the corner of Cynthia's room.

The hall way between Cynthia's room and the Master room. Notice on the left there is a door, that is the bathroom and on the right there is a larger entry way, that enters into the living room.

What you see from the entry way leading into the kitchen from the living room.

The other angle from the entry way leading from the living room.

This is taken from the corner of the kitchen (behind the fridge). That door is the pantry door, next to it is where our washer and dryer are going to go when they arrive on Friday and on the other side of that (out of the picture) is a coat closet.

This is what you see from the entry way leading from the kitchen. Notice how bright it is for being a basement.

And finally, this is the other view of the living room. Notice the coat closet. The other closet thing is where the furnace is.

Is this not just one of the cutest little places that there is?

Our new address is 181 East 5460 South #8, Murray, UT 84107. We are 0.4 miles away from Costco, so guess where we are going to do all our shopping. There is also a mall down the the road, along with Smiths, Walmart, a whole bunch of car dealerships, the play house, Burlington Coat Factory, Toys R Us, a large variety of eating places (fast food and sit down), the trax and so much more. You will have to came and visit to find out what a great location we have!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ice-Lolly Princess

Cynthia loves ice-lollies! Actually that is the under statement of the year. She grabs them out of our hands when we are eating them and drools all over it. Licking, sucking, chewing, you name it she does it. There is a video at the bottom showing you just how upset she gets when you take the ice-lolly away.

PS. I think that it might have something to do with the fact that she is teething because growing teeth hurts!

You Can Call Me Little Miss Helper

A few weeks ago Ben and I bought Cynthia her high chair. We decided not to set it up until we move. But this week, we set it up anyway. Cynthia enjoys getting her nose into everything. So this is her trying to help (rather steal the things Ben had in his hands) Ben put her high chair together.

This is Cynthia enjoying the finished product:

Sneak Preview

Can you guess what Mom and Dad decided to dress me up as for halloween?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Lichi

As most of you know, America does not have lichis. The other day Ben and I were in Smiths and we found some Lichis! Was I excited, so I bought a couple. We ended up getting them for free because the cashier had no idea what they were and could not find a price code for them. That day we also got a melon for free because the bagger put the melon in our basket instead in the basket belonging to the person ahead of us.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Family Reunion

Shared and the family are in town from Moses Lake. Shared is on his way back to South Africa for work and a little extra time for visiting family. They also blessed their new edition to the family, Kylee - she is so cute! Ethan was great. When he met Cynthia he was so gentle - he is a great big brother. Anyway what everyone really wants is some pictures, so here they are!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Ride

Today we all celabrated a bunch of firsts! Cynthia rode in the shopping trolly like this for the first time and oh did she do it with style!

Family Photo

At the beginning of the month, we decided that it was time to take some more family photo's. The only problem about that is that Cynthia decided that she was not going to cooperate. So there are the best!

Bouncy... Bouncy... Bouncy...

Today we finally bought Cynthia a bouncer and oh did she enjoy it! She took a little bit of time to evaluate it and see if she likes, but once she made up her mind that she liked it, did she have a good time. Here is a little video of her playing in it. We will post more once she is a wake (she is napping now), refreshed and ready to try it again!


Today we all went to go and visit Ken and June Forsyth. Cynthia was not very happy when we first got there, but she slowly warmed up to everyone. It was great to see them again. Here are some pictures.

Ben put a flower in Cynthia's ear and she was just the cutest! She wore it with pride and never once tried to fiddle with it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Teething Bites

Cynthia is officially teething and it sucks! One moment she is miserable and the next she is happy! I don't know what I can do to make her feel better. One moment she will chew on her teething toys and the next she wont. I feel like I am playing a ball game at night time with no lights. It comes and goes in cycles. Thursday night she was up all night with Ben. She was just miserable. Nothing would make her feel better. Then she was fine the whole of Friday. When Saturday afternoon hit she was crying blue murder for no reason. Nothing we could do would make her feel better. So we gave her some Tylenol and she felt better when that kicked in. So if anyone has any home style remedies out there that they are willing to share to help relieve some toothache pain, please feel free to send them my way.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

For Cynthia's 4th of July outfit we had to go shopping in the boy's section at Babies'R'us. And we found this cute little shirt that said: Made in America. So for Cynthia's first 4th of July she sported cute little light blue Capri jeans, camo slops, Made in America t-shirt, red sunglasses and a blue bow. And she was darling! The relief society started talking about putting Cynthia on the cover of the July newsletter because of how adorable she looked! Check it out:

Picture Update For Those Across The Sea...

Crazee Life!

Many things have been happening these past two weeks. So here is an update of them all! On 23 June I started my first official job. I am the Administrative Assistant at Western States Calibration. We calibrate all sorts of things. I never realised how much there was that needed to be calibrated. The other day someone brought in a 72" ruler for calibration. There are about 18 employees of the company and only 2 are female. I feel like the little sister in the group. The guys are always picking on me. It is great fun working there. We also get free hair cuts. About every six weeks, a hair dresser comes over and cuts every one's hair that wants a hair cut. While we are on the topic of hair-cuts. I figured that it would be cheaper to buy a $20 pair of hair clippers and cut Ben's hair than it would be to pay for hair cuts every few months. So yesterday we bought a pair of hair clippers and this is how it all turned out:

For those of you who don't know. Ben is at school again. He is taking two classes over the summer and a full load in the fall. We are so excited for him. He got an A on one of papers that he wrote the other day. Yay for him! Another exciting event for Ben is that he got named Employee of the Month at UPS! He has is own parking space for the month of July!

Cynthia has been up to much more than anyone of us. She can sit up officially by herself. She is standing with a little of support (meaning balance). She is becoming mobile and is having fun rolling from back to front and front to back. She enjoys reaching for things and when she gets them, it is not fun any more so she reaches for something else. She has started to learn to sleep without being swaddled - she wakes up more at night time though. About six weeks ago she found her feet and they were the new toy for about two weeks. She enjoys reaching for things and covering her face with them. She really likes to slobber all over ice-lollies. Yesterday she had her first taste of real food - PEACHES! And oh, did she love them! She could not get enough of them. You see she has not had a poop for about a week, and Ben and I have been worried, so we decided to try give her something else other than rice and formula. So we feed her peaches. And what do you know, she pooped! She can put her dummy in her month all by herself. She can reach for her bottle and out it in her month.

Life is very crazee with the Ames family at the moment!