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Friday, January 28, 2011

Talented Cyndi

I am sitting at the computer and Cyndi is playing on the couch behind me. The next thing I know her voice is coming from a different area - the floor. I get a little curious, so I look behind me and this is what I see:

She started on the couch, I think she rolled off. Well the conversation went as follows:

Cyndi: Look at me
Mom: (Laughing) Are you alright?
Cyndi: No
Mom: Do you need some help?
Cyndi: No
Mom: Are you stuck?
Cyndi: No

The Cyndi bundle a little closer, she got this blanket wrapped around her in such away that she looks all tangled but is not. She is very talented.

Out popped Cyndi!

The Royal Steed

One of Cyndi's favourite presents from her birthday is her horse that Sam brought her. I forgot to post this when I posted her party pictures, but this is a short clip of Princess Cyndi riding the Royal Steed! She loves this horse. She puts it in places that will allow it to watch her when she is not allowed to have it, like at meal time. She puts it to sleep when she naps or goes to bed, then wakes it up. She is always giving it loves and cuddling it.

Princess Cyndi and the Royal (and loyal) Steed!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Princess Party

Saturday we had a little party for Cyndi. Only the important and special Canadians came. Everyone else stood Cyndi up. Ouma and family sent a gift up for Cyndi which she loved. It was a pair of pants and a Tinkerbell fairy paper doll book. Cyndi had fun trying to pull the paper dolls out, sadly a bunch of them are broken, but she still had fun - that is what counts right? Ben and I got her two princess for her cake - she chose the little mermaid and Belle. Sadly she is not a Jasmine fan like me. Her favourite princess is the little mermaid. I caught her brushing her hair with a fork and calling it a 'dinggle-hooper.' Here are some pictures of the party.

Sam gave Cyndi a gift bag of fun. Stickers, princess accessories, Crayola Colour Explosion and a horse. Every princess needs a horse. Cyndi loved her presents. She had to make C 'pretty.' Sam helped of course! I was rather funny to watch the three of them together. Cyndi is smitten by Sam.

Cyndi made C 'pretty'

Princess Cyndi all spark-ly

The new favourite toy - horsy. It makes noises as well. Cyndi loves it!

The cake

The table. Ben and I were running late with dinner and C and Sam had not eaten yet, so we turned the cake party into dinner as well.

Candles all lit

Blowing out the candles

C proving just how much of the tower can fit into his mouth

Thanks C and Sam for helping to make this day special for Cyndi. She loved having you guys over. First thing she said on Sunday morning was: 'where is Friend?'

Making Rice Crispy Treats with Dad

Cyndi LOVES to help. Ben was making the towers for her cake and she wanted to help. I am not going to lie, I had to leave the kitchen while they were doing this. I could not handle the mutilation of the butter. Don't worry her hands were clean, but still...

African Cyndi

My little half blooded Africa! She is such a little cutie and a character. Always doing something adorable and able to put a smile on my face!

Snow Day

A few weeks ago there was a wind/snow storm and they shut down the highways and church was cancelled. I never thought the day would come when church wold be cancelled. Here are two pictures of the snow. Thanks C for taking them so I did not have to get cold!

The front door build up.

The street looking at out driveway. The car parked there is parked on the hill between the road and the sidewalk.

Cyndi's Christmas Outfit

I made this skirt for Cyndi for a Christmas present and then I realized that I never had a top to go with it. I did not use a pattern for the skirt, just saw a picture and copied it. I don't have the sleeve pattern that I like, so that is why the shirt is sleeveless, but I think that the whole outfit is rather cute.

My little model!

Belated Christmas Presents from the Cockcrofts

Shared and family, Ouma and family (plus Layne) and Oupa and family sent some Christmas presents up for Cyndi. Ben's brother went down to Moses Lake for Christmas and brought the gifts back with him, that is why we only got them a few weeks after Christmas. Sorry Shared we don't have specific pictures of Cyndi playing with the baby stuff that you sent, but she does carry the bag with some toys in around the house with her. She loves baby stuff.

Ouma and family got Cyndi a cupcake play dough set. She loved playing with the dough and mixing the colours.

Oupa and family got her Crayola Colour Wonder Sound Studio. Cyndi loves to play with it and make the board make noises. It also has mess free markers, that only work on the paper that comes with it. So no marks on wall, floors, clothing or anything in between.

Thanks family for the great gifts. Cyndi loves to play with them. She is still learning that she can't use the play dough on the carpet or leave the markers without their lids on.