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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beehive Cake and Cupcakes

A special someone in my life had a birthday today. This person is fabulous and wonderful and all other good stuff. They asked me if I could make them a cake and some cupcakes to take to work for their department. This is what they wanted:

Beehive with all the little Bee's around it.
The cake was a classic yellow and the icing was cream cheese.

Bumble Bee's on Daisy cupcakes

Bumble Bee 'flying' cupcake

All my little Bees. I thought they looked super cool all together.

Little Bumble Bee close up. The only bugs that I like - cute little edible ones!

Princess Cynthia

Great Granddad from South Africa came for a visit. I forgot to get some pictures of him with Cyndi, but this is the dress that he brought her. She is in love with it. Every day she asks if she can wear her 'pretty dress.'

Thanks Granddad, it is a hit and will be for awhile.

Happy Traveling!

Laundry Day

We did laundry the other day and Cyndi 'helped' Ben fold it all up. This is how she helped:

Love this little thing to pieces!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty Trained

Back in November I started to potty train Cyndi. She took to it rather quickly and so things went smoothly, except night time. She had a hard time not wetting her bed. So we decided that pull-ups were needed at nights when she slept and during the day she could have her panties. Well the great news is that this last weekend marked the 3 week mark of not sleeping in pull-ups! Little Cyndi has mastered the toilet and is one proud little girl with even prouder parents.

*Note: she still gets a little excited or carried away with some and forgets to potty so we still have little accidents here and there. But for the most part she is a little potty pro!

My camera battery died and Cyndi would not cooperate for any pictures. So this is the best one that I have of her champion look.

Ward Party Cupcakes

Our ward had a summer party this last weekend. I brought some mini cupcakes as a dessert. I think that everyone like them since there were no left overs and I saw people eating them before the party officially started.

Triple Fudge Chocolate with Cream Cheese icing and sprinkles

Triple Fudge Chocolate with Chococlate icing and sprinkles

I think they look rather cute. They tasted heavenly as well.


Last year I started this quilt for a friend of mine. I have never made a quilt so I thought that this was the perfect excuse to make one. I finally finished it the other day. Not because it was hard or anything, but because of moving here and there and not have the energy and stuff like that.

Side 1

Side 2

I love how it turned out. Ben has started to plan the one that I need to make for him. He is spoiled.

There Was An Old Lady...

Cyndi enjoys reading. We have read the story about the Old Lady who swallowed a fly many many times. The other day I found her on the couch reading the story to herself. I tried to catch it on video, but I only got the ending of it. She is so cute and super smart.

Painting Mommy's Nails

Cyndi loves to have her nails painted. The other day she got a treat... She got to paint Mommy's nails. Her technique needs a little work, but she had the time of her life painting my nails. She also used the majority of the polish.

Toes in red - they looked like little bloody stumps when she was done, but she was so proud of what she had done.

Fingers got painted white - I sat still for about 1 hour after she was done and still the polish had not dried.

Learning with Layne

Cyndi adores Layne!

Layne was teaching Cyndi how to play hearts.

Layne and Cyndi reading princess stories together.

Baby Geese

A few weeks ago another family of geese joined our little pond. That made 2 little families. This second family has 6 little babies and they all fit under Momma Goose's wings -which I thought was really cool.

You can see two little heads by her tail feathers and by her shoulder/wing you can kind of make out some fluff of another one.

All the little babies hiding. So cute.

Memorial day there was an incident involving this family and a little boy in which one of the little geese got hurt. He was limping very badly and had his fluff on his neck ripped off. Momma Geese would not let me near him to help at all so I kept a very close eye on him every day. Sadly once the little goose, we called him Gimpy, had recovered (about a week) all the geese disappeared. Both families have not returned to our pond.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Four Generations

Last week we got some fabulous photo's taken of the direct line of four generation girls. It was so much fun. My wonderful college roommate Rachel took the pictures. She brought her husband and little girl along, so it was great to meet her adorable little girl, Chloe and to see her husband, Steven again.

Cyndi and Chloe got along so well. I was rather impressed. Chloe is turning 2 in August.


Ever since Cyndi was born I have wanted to go back to South Africa so that we can get some pictures with my Gran. I am so happy that she was able to come over here and that we are able to take this pictures. How many times are you able to get four generations of girls?

Thanks Rachel! You are the best.

Maternity Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago a friend of mine from college offered to take some pics of me and my extra large belly. It was a fun afternoon to spend with her and my little family. I have never done a maternity photo shoot before so it was strange having to be the focal point, but it was great in the end. I feel bad that I never took any when Cyndi was still in my tummy though. So these are some of my favourites. If I put all my favourites up then I might as well upload every picture online.

My little family - minus the tummy.

Love this picture. Cyndi is so cute!

Yes I climb a tree. I needed help up and down, but it was fun. At least I get to say: I climbed a tree in my third trimester.

I think this one is really cute. I wish that Cyndi would have been more cooperative though.

Thanks Rachel for the wonderful pictures. And if anyone wants to have some pictures done, let me know and I can get you in touch with her. She is very talented.