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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad Goodbyes and New Editions

When Ben was driving through Montana on his way back to Cyndi and I in WA, the little Aveo met a deer. Ben walked away without a scratch or bruise - which we are more that grateful for. But the sad tale is that the Aveo did not survive. Poor little car! He lived a great life, and will be missed. The cop that Ben dealt with said that he deals with at least one deer accident per night. The cop also said that most of the time when people hit a deer they try to serve out of the way first, which ends up creating a bigger accident and sometimes even fatal. Like hitting the deer and a tree or something crazy like that.
- Note to everyone: Only drive through Montana during the day! -

The front of the Aveo

The side of the Aveo

Once we got the word from the insurance that the poor little Aveo was not coming home, we had to make new plans. We went shopping for another little Aveo to replace him. We had no complaints about the car and the windshield did save Ben's life. Every where we looked we could not find a little Aveo. We went to a dealer that said they had one on their website, but when we got there, it had been sold. They let us test drive an Impala. It was a good car, so we started the paperwork to purchase it. Things never went as smoothly as we hoped and we ended up going home to get more information and places were closed and other little things like that. Then we decided that we would drive around another car lot. We found this really super cute Pontiac G6. It was fabulous! So we decided that we would forget about the Impala and get the G6. Once again we are met with the same 'problems,' places are closed and we went home without the car and thinking about all our options. That evening Ben was chatting with his brother and he said that if our ideal car was a Mazda 3, look for one until you find it. That got me thinking and the next day I started a search for the Mazda 3 that I wanted. After a little bit, we found a dealership that had a couple of Mazda 3's on their lot. There was one that was at the right price we were looking for. So off we went. It was a good little car. It never had air-con like it said it did, so I passed on it. Then we looked at a few other Mazda 3's on the lot and got one. I absolutely love my new little car! We call her Zoomy. It has a 6 CD player, a sun-roof, air-con, automatic locks, power windows and so much other cool things.

Is she not just adorable?

Cyndi's New Friend - Jenna

When we first moved to Moses Lake and went to church we were told about a little girl named Jenna. She was strong willed and dominated the nursery. I kinda laughed and said that she had not met Cyndi yet. I did not realise how true that would be. Over the next month or so the two girls went head to head. One Sunday the one would push everyone around and then the next Sunday they would change rolls. Neither one stayed on top very long. A few weeks ago Jenna's Dad engaged Cyndi in a little 2-year conversation. Jenna saw this and wanted a piece of the action. The next thing both girls were sitting on his lap sharing toys with each other. Now the two of them are like little twins. They follow each other, they hold hands, they copy what the other is doing. It is just so cute.

The two girls sat down together and then the moms, Jenna's dad and Granma all whipped out their phones to capture the cute moment between the girls.

The Mom's were a little busy so Granma took to girls to run and play together

Such little cuties - holding hands

Watching to see if they were still being followed

Deciding what to do next

Little Twins - identical movements

The Mom's arrived and said that it was time to go and the two little girls just took off in different directions. It is rather funny to see.

Platting Cyndi's Hair

Granma got Cyndi to sit still long enough to put some super cute little plats in her hair. Check them out:

These pictures were taken on a phone

Cyndi's First Haircut

I have been toying with the idea of getting Cyndi's hair trimmed so that it will all be one nice length and all the little rats tails and things would be gone. The week that Ben was here, I contacted out hairdresser friend - Annabell and we went over to hear salon and got Cyndi's hair cut. At first she was scared and would not move. We made it a little game with Ann spraying everyone with the water bottle, that helped to lighted Cyndi's mood. But it was not until Daddy had the bright idea of getting some Mike & Ikes that Cyndi really let her guard down. Cyndi sat so still and was so good that Ann only charged us half price.

Daddy was holding the Mike & Ikes.

Such a little cutie!
I forgot the camera at home so these pictures were taken with my phone.

The Blanket Project(s)

I have known how to crochet for a while now, but the extent that I can crochet are granny squares and straight lines - nothing cool or anything. A few years ago, my Dad gave me a gift card to a local craft store. So I bought a crochet pattern book in hopes to learn how to crochet different things. Lets just say it never took very long before I throw the book in a box and never looked at it again. I could not for the life of me understand the patterns. After moving up to WA, I thought that I would take advantage of Granma's talents and get her to teach me how to read patterns. Well lets just have the pictures tell you the rest of the story:

Blanket 1: It fits a full size bed and it only took me about 3 weeks to make. I am rather impressed. The pattern is called "Mile-A-Minute" and it really is a mile a minute. I did make it bigger than the pattern because I did not like the size they were suggesting.

Blanket 2: This one is called "Irresistible Ripple." It is really very cute. I wanted to make it a little Christmas-y but getting the 'right' red and green in the middle of summer was a little difficult, so I thought that a deeper red and green would still look good and a little Christmas-y. I completed this blanket in 10 days. It fits a full-size bed as well. I thought I was following the pattern to the T, but later found out that I was not. I like the way it turned out though. I did change the boarder. I think that the boarder that I did just adds character to the blanket and I love it!

I have been wanted to make Cyndi a blanket for bed for a while now. So I thought that while I was being all creative with the crochet blankets, I might as well start with Cyndi's blanket. I was not 100% sure what I was doing, so there was a lot of un-picking and redoing as the quilt formed itself. It is very simple, but I like it for my first quilt.

The front. I embroidered the elephant on by hand. The embroidered boarder goes through to the back, you can't really see it on the back in the picture. It is yellow because she has a picture of an elephant and the background is yellow on her wall in her room. So I was just keeping with the yellow/cream theme.

The back. The animals is a piece of fleece material that I just attached - nothing special or complicated.

FHE Braai

The first Monday night Ben was back, we had a braai for dinner and FHE. Cyndi had the time of her life - of course. It was great fun. We just need to get rid of the bugs of the night would have been perfect.

Ben playing with the fire pit, Granma eating her dinner

Granpa cooking the sausages

Daddy getting the fire ready for S'mores and marshmallows

I was chilly so I got a blanket. Cyndi joined me and then she said that we had to hide. So this is us hiding from everyone

More hiding

Peek - A - Boo!

Granpa teaching Cyndi how to roast a marshmallow

Cyndi's marshmallow in the fire

Granpa teaching Cyndi how to eat the roasted marshmallow

Daddy eating his food

Welcome Home Daddy....

... Now please chase me around the garden!

We love you lots and lots Daddy!

Pritty in Pink

What can I say?

Cyndi, Daddy and the Park

One of the activities that we did while Dad was in town was play in the park! Yip, we had great fun.

Cute little Cyndi playing around

Daddy and Cyndi

Daddy helped Cyndi climb down the climbing wall

Step by Step

Little by Little

Nudge by Nudge

And soon we were at the bottom
Oh did we have a blast!

Daddy Entrapment

Ben got a nice job in Canada, so he drove to WA to get a few things organized before heading up to Canada with his brother. One of the days he was with us, he had to drive to a bigger town to get his Enhanced Licence taken cared of. Cyndi was not happy about being left at home. She stole his shoes - she new that he would need them eventually. And camped out under the piano bench and waited for his return. It was rather cute to see her logic.

Notice the shoe being used as a pillow by her pink blanket?

Showing you that she has both of the shoes - one in hand, one under head

Location - front door, couch, piano, walkway