Update Overload

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Punk

We would like to introduce you to 'Little Punk.'

'He' (not sure yet so we just call it a he) has had control over me from day 1. I have spent many hours staring at food wondering what I can keep down. More time bonding with the 'cold white porcelain god.' And lately 'he' has been beating me up from the inside out.

We will be welcoming 'him' into our world in the middle of July.

If you can't tell, 'his' head is in the lower right hand corner. The little 'bubble' type things on either side of his head are his arms/hands. In the middle you see 'his' torso and the gap/hole near his chin is 'his' heart. We think that the 'bubble' on the upper left side of 'his' torso is his knee.

Great-Grandma and Cyndi

Cyndi loved to help Grandma with her word-searches in the evenings. She would colour, Grandma would search for words and Mom would relax for a moment. What a wonderful little arrangement.

Cardston Temple

The weekend before we left Cardston it snowed lots and lots. We went up to the Temple. It was so cold that we never stayed long and Cyndi got a little red nose. Poor girl!


Cyndi and the Temple. Look at that little nose!

FYI: The morning we left another storm blew in.

Sleeping Gangster

I found Cyndi sleeping on the couch at Great-Grandma's house when we were there. I put her down for her nap and then I went to take a nap and apparently she never stayed in her room. After I woke up I found out that she joined grandma for a nap in the living room. I love her little hand on her face.