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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let it Snow....

This last weekend, the weather man kept going on about 40% chance of snow on Tuesday. The closer we got to Tuesday, the more hype the weather men were putting on the snow. They had snow warnings posted and everything. On previous occasions when they say that we are going to have snow/rain, we never get it. And that is very disappointing. But yesterday they actually got it right! There was not as much snow as they were worrying about, but this morning the world looks all white, pure and beautiful! It makes me happy! We are meant to have more snow today - so exciting if it really happens! I want it to snow so it is like knee deep or higher! I feel jipted when there is only a light covering over the ground. What good does that do when the sun comes out, the snow melts! I want to have lots of snow.

Can you tell that I come from a tropical climate that does not get snow?

Something like this maybe...

Vampire Vs. Werewolf

For my birthday, my wonderful brother - who is always looking out for books that I would read - gave me a book called Twilight. About a week to 10 days after my birthday, I decided that I should actually read the book and not just let it sit around and collect dust. So I began to read it. A few chapters in, I was hooked. I never thought that there was an amazing story, but the author just traps in you with the way she writes. About a week later, I finished the book, and was wanting to sink my teeth into book two. So I dragged Ben out and we bought the second and third book. I have not been able to put them down. Like I said before, it is not a major plot that just has you hooked, it is the way she writes the story. It is just a page turner, you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. Because of that, I have been nose deep in a book for the past three weeks or so, meaning that I have neglected my homework - Oops, and now I am trying to catch up. Classes end on December 14th, so I can guarantee more postings after that, but right now, I am sorry, but you are stuck with just a few. And for those of you who want to get wrapped up in a page turning story, get your hands on Twilight!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

paved with gold

Casey went outside the other day and mentioned that it looked like the ground was paved with gold. I found that to be interesting. So I have taken some pictures to illistrate this. The street we live on is paved in gold.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


For those of you who keep hounding Layne for pictures of himself. Here are some to tie you over until he can send you some.

Note: He wanted you to be able to see his facial hair!

Key To My Life...

Though most of you know already the wonderful story of my birthday last week, I am going to tell it anyway.

So last Friday was my 21st birthday - its a big deal in South Africa, but nobody really knows about the importance of it over here. I had told Ben about the big deal on several occasions, so he knew what it meant.

The day began like any other normal day. I got up, I went to work, you know that normal nothing special day. At about 9:00 Frank (my big boss) came in from class and told me that he was going home for the day. So I was big bossless. Then Cindy (my little boss) arrived. She was carrying a big orange balloon and a pot plant of orange daisies! I got to play with a cool floating balloon until Ben arrived.

A little later my wonderful and thoughtful husband arrived at work as well. He had two more balloons (one a big red heart and the other was a big 'happy birthday' one) and a vase of long steamed red roses. So much for keeping this whole thing low key since I had class after work. He also brought me some food and a change of clothes.

After class a friend picked my up from school and took me to lunch. Ben had given her instructions to keep me out of the house until after 6pm. I was like sure, whatever. At about 6:45 we arrived back home and there was a surprise party waiting for me. We had cupcakes and pizza. It was fun. Ben had blown up a bunch of balloons and they are scattered all over the floor. Then it was present time. Layne gave me a book, Katelyn gave me some Love Spell from Victoria Secrets, the Hammerschimdts gave me a bunch of flowers, the Walkers gave me this really cool Walnut bowl (Brandon had actually made it at his shop - it is so pretty!) and Ben, the love of my life, gave me two keys. One was a antique skeleton key that was all polished nicely, on a key chain with a dog-tag thingy that says "Happy 21st" and he also had carved a key out of some really cool wood (can never remember what it is called). It has a 21 for the teeth and a rose on the back. He had bought a 14 karrot gold chain and made it into a necklace. It is so pretty.

The Saturday night I get kicked out of the kitchen while Ben gets to cook dinner. He made me a surprise, romantic meal. We had some peach bubble (Smiths never had white grape), I had some apricot chicken - my favourite - and Ben cooked himself a steak (since he can't have chicken or mayo). It was great. There were candles and soft music.

I love my husband to bits and he spoils me rotten!

My 21st birthday 'cake'

The front of my key necklace

The back of my key necklace

My key chain

My walnut bowl

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hairy Woodpecker

So most you really are not very interested in my little woodpecker story, but you are going to hear it anyway. The other day I was coming home from school. The bus drops me off about a block away from my apartment, so I get to walk home the rest of the way. There are three apartment complexes on the block, we live in (lets call it number 1) number 1. So that means I have to walk past number 2 and 3. Just before I got to number 3, I heard a funny tapping/thunking noise. I was looking for where the noise came from and then I noticed that in the corner of number 3 there was a little woodpecker merrily going about his pecking. He is so cute. I went inside and got my camera to take some pictures. He is black and white as you can see. The whole that he is working on can fit him inside of it. So he has been going at it for sometime. Is he not just the cutest little guy ever?