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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cake Walk Cakes

At the Trunk and Treat the youth organize games in the hall for the kids. One of the games was a cake walk. For those like me who have no idea what a cake walk is, it is like musical chairs. You walk around from spot to spot. When the music stops, a picture is pulled from a bag. If you spot matches the picture then you win a cake. I figured that I would do my part and make some cakes for the game.

Here is the first cake that I made. It is a spider if you could not tell. I kind of copied a picture of a spider cake I saw online.

So I know that this is just a cake and not a real spider, I also know that it is rather a cute looking spider, but I am still a little scared of it. I am just glad that it was only in my house for about 1 hour.

Cake number two is a little teddy dressed for Halloween. The 'B' with ears stands for 'Super Bear.' He is a super hero. After completing the bear Ben looked at it and was like 'Safety Bear,' followed closely with 'Construction Bear.' So to me he is a little super hear to save me from the spider, he can be whatever you need him to be!

The back of my cute little bear. I was going to give him a little cape, but then I decided that with my little time I had to finish him and the spider, he would have to be a cape-less superhero. But then you remember what they said about superheros with capes in The Incredibles.

Trunk and Treat

Last night our ward had their annual Trunk and Treat party. Yesterday it snowed for most of the day so they moved it to inside the church. Cynthia was in the bathroom when we painted Ben's face but she was still a little scared of him for a while. She was also terrified at the church. I don't think she enjoyed the costumes that every one was wearing. We had to 'save' her a few times from some crazy outfits. Poor girl! She was very nervous, but she understood the treat or treat part - maybe more the treat part. She would get a piece of chocolate, then put it in her bag, then she was move on until someone else handed her some chocolate. Once the treating part was over, all she wanted to do was eat her candy. She would sit down in the middle of the walk way, hall or wherever she was and try to open her sweets.

Before we left for the church. Cynthia as a little African.

Cynthia hiding from the world eating her sweets. Can you guess what Ben is? Our Bishop thought he was a mime.

Trying really hard to open the salt water taffy.

I put dots around Cynthia's eyes, if you look carefully you can see the little red dots.

Up close and personal with the Phantom

Ben bought me eye lashes and then we had to find a outfit to go with the eyelashes. So I am a little tiger. See if you can click on the picture and make it bigger. My eyelashes are super cool and I got so many comments about them last night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to... ME

Yesterday was my birthday. Happy birthday to me! Layne came over and we had pizza for dinner. It was a great day and a fun evening.

Layne making his pizza

You can't see the ruler very well, but the pizza is about 2 1/2 inches high

What the pizza looked like when it was done

My birthday presents:

Down East shirts (more of an early present since I got them on Saturday)

Balloons that Cynthia thought were hers


Earrings from Cynthia

Presto, my pot that I have been eyeing for the last 4-6 months

I also got an African music CD which is cool and Layne said that he would sponsor me to do my cake decorating course - so excited!

Thank you to all the friends and family that called and sent messages on Facebook. It helped to make my day a little more special!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spoon Thief!

Sunday night is treat night. I like to make something fun. Tonight Ben made some rice crispy treats for us to eat. This time Cynthia got to the spoon before I did. She had a hard time getting to parts of the spoon, but oh did she have some fun!

Cynthia and the spoon

Sharing with Daddy



Crafter Critter

These last few weeks I have been feeling very crafty and as a result I have completed many crafts! First, I made Cynthia's Halloween costume (pictures to come on Tuesday). With the left over material and beads, I made her a dress. Then I completed Ethan's birthday present (pictures to come after his birthday so no surprises are given away, same goes for all Christmas presents). I have also managed to complete Christmas presents for Ethan, Kylie and Cynthia. We were walking around a craft store the other night and we found these little canvas pictures ready to paint. Since Cynthia has an Elephant themed room, I found some animals. I had a most of the paints at home and the pictures were cheap, we got a couple. Tonight we played with modeling clay and I made a couple of animals for Cynthia's bedroom (just as soon as we get some shelves on her wall). I feel so crafty, I keep looking for things to create!

Here is Cynthia's little red dress with bead work on the bottom.

The three little canvas pictures that I painted. They are the first things to be put on Cynthia's wall - we have only been here for over a year.

A wide shot so you can see them on the wall.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Is A Special Day...

... Its the second Saturday that we get to spend with Daddy!

Dad never had to work today - the second Saturday in the space of about 6 weeks! So we decided to live it up. We slept in, we played, painted and went shopping!

Cynthia and Daddy painting while Mom was getting ready to go out.

For a Christmas present for me, Mom decided to make me a little apron. One that fits me and not one that is folded a millions times to fit. This pink one was mom's first run at making it. It is a little on the small side, so she made a bigger one and now I get to play with this one.

The next Picasso in the making!

After a fun morning of painting we went shopping. We found a Down East warehouse. Talk about great deals. Mom got 3 shirts and a tank top for $10. They were retailed at $14.99 per shirt and $12.99 for the tank top. Next time she need some more shirts, guess where she is going?

Weekends with Dad are always more fun than without him!

Next we are going to see if we can find a waffle/snackwich maker so Mom can wish and dream and save for it.

Cleaning Up Is Fun To Do

Yesterday I was cleaning the house and little Cynthia made it so much more fun than cleaning really is. She helped carry clothing to the bedroom, she helped tidy up her toys and her bedroom, looking like this:

Just before the picture was taken she was pushing around her vacuum and the bucket on her head was around her neck and leaning on her back!

Things are so much more fun when Cynthia is around to keep you entertained!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Girl Sleeping!

Ben and I have been talking about what to do with Cynthia's sleeping arrangements for some time now. We would like to get her a toddler bed, but due to a tight budget, that is not going to happen any time soon. Upon cleaning the house one day we decided to just let her sleep on the foam mattress we bought for the drive-in. My dad had brought over a little blanket and pillow for her to use when she graduates to older sleeping styles. She has taken very well to sleeping on the mattress. That is all she wants to do - play on her new 'toy.' Her naps have become a little shorter and sometimes she starts in the bed and moves to the crib, but all in all you would think she was a pro! She takes her morning nap in her bed, afternoon nap is a little of both and bed time is still undecided. She will go to sleep in her bed, then wake up in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes she will go back into her bed, others into the crib.

Playing in the blanket while mom cleans and de-toys my room.
Getting it ready so when I wake up there will be nothing for me to destroy.

First time sleeping in my new bed!

'Ready to sit' pose.
When I woke her from this position, she sat right up and her legs were under the blankets. It was just too cute. As if she fell asleep sitting up and fell forward.

Sticker Me Crazy!

Cynthia loves stickers! In the middle of your colouring in book there are about 60 odd stickers. She will bring you the page of stickers and then point to her hand. Or she will try and take the stickers off and put them on her hand. It is super cute to watch. She loves to wear her stickers, I have no idea where she picked that one up from! The other night I was cooking dinner and Ben was entertaining Cynthia in the kitchen. She wanted some stickers on, usually she will be happy with one on each hand. Not that night. She kept pointing to places she wanted stickers. Forehead, nose, cheek 1, cheek 2, left hand, right hand - I think Ben hide the stickers after that.

A normal funny face Cynthia pulls regularly!

Colouring with Coco and Chicken

A few weeks ago I bought Cynthia her first colouring in book and crayons. She went crazy for them. She would colour all over the place, it was just so cute. The other day Ben was colouring with her - when I say with her, I mean he watches, she colours and plays. As long as you are on her level and not doing anything else but providing her with your attention, you are playing with her. These last few weeks she is becoming more and more attached to her sleep time buddy, Coco. She takes him everywhere with her and gets upset when he is not allowed to come. On that note, here is Cynthia colouring with Coco and playing with a new toy - the noisy chicken!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red Nose Cynthia

Today at play group Cynthia fell of the slide somehow and banged up her cute little nose. To add to all of it, last night when we did our food shopping, Cynthia tried to put a can into the trolley and dropped it onto her face. The bridge of her nose went a little purple. Poor girl! What is next?

Little Cynthia with her red nose. It looks a little worse in person than it does in the picture, probably has something to do with her skin tone, flash and lighting.

A Visit with Family

Britney and the kids where in town for a visit a few days ago. We went to see them and to give Britney her birthday present. It was a great visit.

Ethan, Kylie and Cynthia

The cousins again - I love Cynthia facial expression. It is like: "What are you doing? We were told to sit down."

Ethan playing

Cynthia found a doll and a blanket, then cuddled up with them.

Britney and Kylie opening Britney's birthday present.

Ethan enjoyed playing with Ben.

Daddy's Safety Clothes

Cynthia loves to play with Ben's safety clothes. It so cute because everything is way to big for her but she still wants to play with/in it.

Putting on Shoes

Cynthia loves to try and put her own shoes on. The other day I found her walking around with one shoe and it looked like this:

I thought that this was so funny and cute!

Amazing Family!

So I have the best family in the whole wide world! They are truly amazing! About 90% of all Cynthia toys have been donated to us by my wonderful Aunt and Uncle! On Monday Rory brought us some toys for Cynthia. She went so crazy. She would only play with one for about 30 seconds then she would go and play with the next toy for 30 seconds and the pattern would continue. She also refused to take her nap that day - I think that she was scared that all the toys would disappear.

She took one of her toys to her little hide out in the kitchen

Here is my little Hard Rocker! She got a little piano and just loves it.

Thanks Adams family for Cynthia new toys! She feels like she is in heaven!