Update Overload

I update the blog with everything that has happened this month that I was a slacker at. So you will have to click 'older posts' to view everything.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Honorary Family

Our wonderful couple (Leslie and Adam) the live above us invited us to Leslie's family Christmas party this last Saturday. She said that they were going to decorate gingerbread houses, play some games, eat some food and have fun. It was a truly wonderful afternoon. Everyone treated us like we were part of the family, it was nice to have that feeling. We arrived there and got introduced to everyone - not that we remembered every one's name right away. Then we found out that they had put a train together for Cynthia to decorate, ever though mom did all the decorating and Cynthia did all the candy eating.

Here is Ben and Cynthia with the finished train. Cynthia kept trying to eat the candy.

The front of the train.

The back of the train.

After decorating trains, we joined some people in the living room where Cynthia got to play around and show off her cute-ness!

Cynthia playing with the 'shopping' toys.

Cynthia sliding down Leslie's legs.

Practicing my poses for my modeling career.
She has a plastic carrot in her month.

Cynthia climbed onto Leslie's lap and helped her play Nintendo DS.

Then Cynthia discovered a little horse. So mom put her on its back. Cynthia new what to do. She started to move her hips and legs as though she were riding a horse.

Another angle of Cynthia on the horse.

We tried to video the 'horse riding' talent of Cynthia's but she stopped the movement when we started to video.

The we went down stairs to play some games and everyone opened presents. Look how excited Cynthia is.

Then Cynthia got introduced to the puppy. At first she liked it, but then she started to freak out. She loved the cats.

It was a very fun Saturday. Thank you Leslie for letting us spend it with you and your family!

Friday, December 26, 2008

You Would Think We Have A Dog!

Cynthia loves the big window that we have in out living room. She is always trying to get up there and look out of it and play on the glass. Last night there was a blizzard outside, so we turned off all the lights, climbed onto the back of the couch and looked out the window. When we were done at the window, we had marks all over the window from Cynthia's hands and mouth. Here are some pictures of her at the window.

This was earlier in the month, but look at the happy face.

Check the hand prints out.

This is last night. Cynthia started on the back of the couch with Ben and I, then she climbed onto the window sill, then to try and act like nothing had changed, she would only sit like that, she would not stand up.

Playing on the window. This is between her banging the window moments.

Cynthia enjoyed putting her tongue on the cold glass. She is playing with the window with her tongue. Now I have a dirty window and you would think that it was the doggies nose that left all the marks, but we know better!


I would like to start by saying that I have the best family ever! I got international phone calls from my mom, dad and aunt. That was just the best present that I could get from them. It is always wonderful to chat to my family at home. Next, Layne played Santa and brought presents when he came up from Provo for the day. Layne gave Ben and I one book each. So we have some fun reading to do now. Shared and Britney sent some presents down with Britney's family at Thanksgiving for us, we got them as well. Cynthia opened her first present. It was funny. I had to show her what to do to get her interested. She made the wrapping paper make a noise and then played with it a little, then something else would catch her eye and off she would go. Once she figured out that she could tear it, it become a little more interesting and by the time she opened up the second present (which were letters) she was having fun. She really enjoys playing her her name.

Shared and Britney also sent us a gift card to Applebees and baby-sitting money so Ben and I can go out. I have to say that they are the best!

Cynthia made a new friend that day as well. She played with Layne the whole time and was sad to see him leave. She would bring her toys to him, she would try to climb onto his lap, eat his food. She would follow him around the place. He would go to the kitchen and she would be right on his tail. He went to the bathroom and she followed him. When he opened the door to leave the bathroom there she sat, at the foot of the door, waiting for him. She held his hand and showed him around the place. It was just the cutest thing ever. I have never seen her get so close to someone so quickly like that. She had to warm up to him first, but once that first meeting was over they were best buds.

Cynthia opening her first present, not sure what it was all about.

We found clothes inside. She had fun trying to pick the size sicker off.

The fun begins, she got her name!

Playing with the wrapping.

Cynthia's name, if you could not guess :) Britney is amazing!

Cynthia showing Layne something.

Layne and Cynthia, look at how happy Cynthia is with Layne.

This picture is for Mom and Dad back home. This is the most current picture of him.

Playing with the balloon.

I would like to thank my wonderful family for making our Christmas so wonderful! I love you guys so much! I am lucky to have such a great family who takes care of Ben, Cynthia and I!

Bribery and Training

Cynthia gave me an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve. She decided that she was going to walk. She walked about 6 steps to Ben who was waiting for her outside the bathroom. It was the cutest little thing ever. So the next day, we tried to get her to do it again. Sadly she would not. So out came the bribery tools - Graham Crackers! This was the best video we could get of her walking towards the cracker. The time before this, which we never recorded, she walked from Ben to me without any problems, opened her mouth and took the cracker out of my hands. Cynthia is not a little more mobile than she was before. We don't have anything to worry about with her getting into things, because she does already.

We had to give her tunnel vision so we sat in our little hallway and blocked the entrance.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Love My Graham Crackers!

Cynthia absolutely adores her crackers and this season of Ben's birthday (his cake to be exact) we found out that Cynthia loves Graham crackers over her Ritz. Watch her excitement.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

mix this

Today Cynthia felt like helping cook, so we got her a wooden spoon, a bowl, and some fruit. We used citrus fruits because they can take a beating better then others. Any way here is a little clip of her going at it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Allergy: Egg or Egg White?

I have always suspected that Cynthia might have an allergy to eggs, just like her Daddy and Uncle. So that made me a little scared to let her have the flu shot. When I was pregnant I felt as though Cynthia would only arrive into our lives sometime in February and not when she was due - January 29. January 19 Ben made me a wonderful bacon and egg breakfast - the first egg that I had eaten while being pregnant. I was sick that whole weekend. That egg did not settle well in my tummy and a few days later my water breaks and Cynthia arrives. At her last appointment she had her first flu shot. The nurse, doctor and Ben assured me that the first exposure to something that might be an allergy was minor. So I agreed to the flu shot. She had this huge, nasty bruise on her leg for weeks after the shot. We never thought about connecting it to the shot at all. Then last night we fed her something new. Garden veggies with whole grain pasta. She was easting it like a pro, then Ben noticed a rash like redness starting in the corner of her mouth, he asked if it had been there before feeding. It hadn't. It slowly spread around the bottom lip. I read the ingredient label and the last two words on the list: Egg White. We washed her mouth off, gave her some fruit that she loves and a graham cracker, along with some Motrin, to try and help dilute the egg white in her tummy and stop an allergic reaction. So my question is, can Cynthia have an egg white allergy or does that just fall under the category of egg?

She woke up this morning with her little round rash like red spot but it slowly went away throughout the day.

This picture does not show you her red mouth very well, but if you look at the bottom of her lip on the right side, you will notice a round red spot.

Boxed In

Have you ever felt as though you were boxed in? Well Cynthia knows exactly how you feel since she boxed herself in today!

Snow Bunny

So as you know it has been snowing here. We decided to take Cynthia for a walk in the snow to see how she likes it. Well, at first she loved it. But then, when she got cold, she started to show her dislike for it. Here we are walking in it. She got down and started to paw at it like a dog digging at the ground. It was funny. She found a big chunk of the snow and squished it.

To show you how deep it was we put Cynthia in the middle of a patch that had not been walked it.

I taught Cynthia how to eat snow. She copied me and started to lick the snow ball in my hand.

Daddy and the snow Bunny!

We sat Cynthia down in the snow. She did not like that very much. I think that she was getting cold now. Look at the red little nose.

I Love this video. She starts off pawing at a snow chunk, and then crawls into a snow wall - she did not like that at all!

Here is Daddy and Cyndi Kim walking in the snow.

Thank you Grandma Cindy for the snow outfit and beanie. It kept me warm while playing in the snow!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finger Painting!

Ben decided that he wanted Cynthia to finish her finger 'icing' picture last night. So he got the icing ready for her to carry on. The only problem now is that Cynthia knows this funny looking stuff is eatable and tastes great. He had a hard time trying to get her to paint. It was so funny to watch.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Has Finally Arrived!

Another wonderful present Ben got for his birthday was Snow! It was great to have a white world. We have a hill on the street that we live. We have only lived in the Avenues, right by the hospital and fire station so the roads are ploughed first. We learnt here that our roads don't get ploughed. So Saturday afternoon when we left for movies, we forgot to go the way of easy travel and went up the hill. There were a couple cars stuck on the hill, not going up, but sliding down. Off went Ben and our little Aveo, he beat them all up the hill. He climbed the hill like a bear climbing the tree. I looked in the mirror to see the marks that we made, and they were like zig-zags. Everyone was struck with owe watching this little car climb a snow covered hill. I bet that Ben taught those guys a little lesson on how to climb a hill. It snowed again today, well it is still snowing. But it is so wonderful! I love the snow, it is so refreshing!

P.S. Jess, this is what you have to look forward to. Snow white bliss! You will have so much fun!

Who Needs A Puppy?... Or Vacuum Cleaner?


Santa was at our ward's Christmas party. So we took Cynthia to meet him. She was great on his lap for about 1 second. Then she started to freak out. It was cute when she was smiling and happy. I missed that moment sadly.


Cynthia loves to help wherever she can. Especially in the kitchen. I am not allowed to cook, if Cynthia is in the kitchen and I am not holding her. So lately Ben holders her next to me so I can have two hands to cook. Her are some of her precious moments in the kitchen!

First we choose a recipe that we want to follow.

Then we help cute out the shapes for the cookies.

We try really hard to eat the cookie dough.

She is such a little cutie that keeps us on our toes!

Birthday Boy

For those of you who keep track of special days, last Saturday was Ben's birthday! We are on the activities committee at church and the 13th was the ward Christmas breakfast. So there was no sleeping in for the birthday boy. I got up early and made him blueberry pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup. I woke Ben up and told him that he needs to shower or he wont shower before we go out. So he showered and then I woke Cynthia up and She helped Daddy open up his presents.

Cynthia finger panted in coloured icing sugar for her present to Daddy

Then Ben shared his blueberry pancakes with a little monster who claimed she had to eat what Daddy was eating.

After breakfast, we went to the breakfast with the ward. After that we dropped Cynthia with the baby sitter and we went to movies. The funny thing about it is that Ben chose to watch Twilight for his birthday date becuase he knew that I wanted to watch it. So I got to watch Twilight for Ben's birthday date - I really am not a selfish person!

Hollywood Video called and said that Ben got a free movie rental because of his birthday, so we went to there and got another movie - Horton Hears a Who. Cynthia helped Daddy pick it out. He gave her two options and she picked one, he did that three times and she picked the same one three times. Then we went home to have some 'cake.'

This is an over view of what it looks like. When we first met I made Ben a train out of graham crackers and icing for Valentines day. So I made Santa's train this time. The house is Santa's work shop. The ginger bread men are holding 26 candles as run way lights and Santa is on the run way asking Rudolph is guide his slay tonight. And the big green spot at the other end of the run way is Cynthia's hand print to say that she helped. So here are some different angles of the 'cake.'

Finally we have Ben and Cynthia blowing out the candles.

I hope that you had a great day Love! You are the best!