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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tickled From The Inside...

This afternoon I was fighting my alarm after taking a nap after work and class. The little Monster was being really active so I was just letting him kick or punch or poke or whatever he was doing. He has been really quite for the last week, so it was reliving to feel him get his energy back - mine as well! Then the funniest thing happened. I am not very ticklish unless you get me in the right place. It is somewhere on my sides, I don't really know, but apparently the Monster knows. I started to feel light little pokes on my left side, then they got harder. They were moving up and down my side (as though you were poking some on their side with your finger). I didn't think to much of it, since he learnt how to pinch my bladder, I am not surprised he can poke my side. Then he moved up and it tickled. It was so strange. I could do nothing about it. The little Monster was poking me from the inside and it tickled as though some one was poking my side from the outside.