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Friday, December 26, 2008

Bribery and Training

Cynthia gave me an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve. She decided that she was going to walk. She walked about 6 steps to Ben who was waiting for her outside the bathroom. It was the cutest little thing ever. So the next day, we tried to get her to do it again. Sadly she would not. So out came the bribery tools - Graham Crackers! This was the best video we could get of her walking towards the cracker. The time before this, which we never recorded, she walked from Ben to me without any problems, opened her mouth and took the cracker out of my hands. Cynthia is not a little more mobile than she was before. We don't have anything to worry about with her getting into things, because she does already.

We had to give her tunnel vision so we sat in our little hallway and blocked the entrance.

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linda said...

FOCUS! - too funny that she is so distracted - she always has been interested in everything that is going on around her.