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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Bunny

So as you know it has been snowing here. We decided to take Cynthia for a walk in the snow to see how she likes it. Well, at first she loved it. But then, when she got cold, she started to show her dislike for it. Here we are walking in it. She got down and started to paw at it like a dog digging at the ground. It was funny. She found a big chunk of the snow and squished it.

To show you how deep it was we put Cynthia in the middle of a patch that had not been walked it.

I taught Cynthia how to eat snow. She copied me and started to lick the snow ball in my hand.

Daddy and the snow Bunny!

We sat Cynthia down in the snow. She did not like that very much. I think that she was getting cold now. Look at the red little nose.

I Love this video. She starts off pawing at a snow chunk, and then crawls into a snow wall - she did not like that at all!

Here is Daddy and Cyndi Kim walking in the snow.

Thank you Grandma Cindy for the snow outfit and beanie. It kept me warm while playing in the snow!

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linda said...

If she is like daddy her toes and fingers will always be cold when she is out for long. Real wool stockings on the feet were the only way to keep him from crying - in felt 'Pac' boots. And I always carried a couple of pair of extra mittens with me in my 'warm' pockets so the little kids could change out to dry and warm mittens. L Mmm