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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cake(s)

No it is not a wedding cake, it is not perfect enough. I wanted to learn how to use fondant so that when I did Cynthia's cake I knew what I was doing. So this was my trail run. Don't laugh at the ribbon things that hang on the sides. I was playing with different ways to do them and different lengths. That is why they are uneven. If anyone needs a simple and cheap cake, give me a call. I am sure that I can make it for you.

And this is Cynthia's birthday cake. I have a blue and green blanket that I put on the floor as a picnic blanket so that is where the colours came from.

The front

The top

The back


Anonymous said...

Casey this cake is absolutely fantastic. You are so creative. Well done. Its a good tradtion to keep going.

emily ballard said...

Wow, impressive cakes. I see you couldn't decide what color of bear to use...

linda said...

FUN!!! you do a good job decorating the cakes