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Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Sitting Friends

Three mornings a week I baby sit two kids for a friend who is going to school. Jordan it 2 and Zoe is 7 months. Jordan loves to watch Dora and Diego, so we are always channel surfing to find the cartoons for him to watch. Zoe loves to be in Cynthia's jumper and divides her time between jumping, eating and sleeping (mostly sleeping). Cynthia loves to play with them, age is the only problem. Jordan does not want Cynthia following him around and playing with him and because Zoe is so little and Cynthia does not know gentle, Zoe can only handle some much from Cynthia. Cynthia enjoys trying to sit on Zoe, feed her blocks, touch her face, nothing that normal kids don't do. But over all, Cynthia loves to have her friends around and loves to share her toys with everyone. Here are the three of them. Jordan is glued to the TV - Dora was on. Zoe is enjoying her time on the floor and Cynthia well, she is just being herself. When they leave at lunch time she always waves to them and looks a little sad that they can't stay all day.