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Monday, March 23, 2009

New Toys

About two weeks ago we did a little shopping. I needed to get a few cake decorating things and Cynthia is in desperate need of summer clothing. I have been wanting to get her some more bath toys for a while now and decided that now was the best time to get them. She only has two rubber duckies in the bath and I always felt so bad for her. We got her a little set of five sea animals. And oh, did she have fun playing with them! They fill up with water and then you can squeeze them and they spray water. Cynthia loves to put the head of the octopus in her mouth (notice the pictures). So when she was the bath, we filled it up with water and she put it in her mouth. Then she would bite its head and squirt water everywhere. I think that was more fun for Mom and Dad then Baby!

Wednesday when we got her new toys. She had to carry them all around with her. She knew they were hers and she was going to get as much play out of them before she had to go to bed as possible.

Bath time fun! Once again eating the poor octopuses head!

This movie is a little long, but this is typical Cynthia. She will eat something, get it covered with drool and then give it to you. All wet and dripping!

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CouponAlbum said...

Lovely pictures!! She is looking so sweet!! She has wonderful collection of toys!!