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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phyllis the Hamster

On Saturday night we went to hang out with some of our friends in our condo complex. They are our upstairs neighbours and are fun to hang out with. Cynthia absolutely loves them and took to them from the first moment we met them back in August/September last year. For Christmas they got a hamster. That was the night that Cynthia got officially introduced to her. At first Cynthia was not sure about this little ball of fluff running around the table, but slowly she got warmed up to it - only on her terms though. She would follow/chase it and when it turned around and went for Cynthia, Cynthia turned and ran away complaining as she went.

Cynthia would point to the hamster and then sit on my lap when she wanted me to hold it so she could play with it. This picture she was playing with the hamster and then noticed the Ensigns under the table and wanted to play with them.

Little Phyllis gets to run around the coffee table, Cynthia had fun chasing it around the table.

Phyllis gets her own little ball to run around in. Cynthia thought that it was so much fun to chase the round ball that moved by itself. But when the ball changed directions, the game was not fun any more. She would run around making little grunting sounds (meaning that she was scared).

I wanted to edit this video so it was not so long, but I could not bring myself to do so. Everything is so good in the video, if I take something out then you will miss the Cynthia funny!

After the hamster time, we had pizza and introduced Ben to Zoolander! It was a great night.

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Anna said...

She knew what she was doing, she went and sat in mommy's lap so she could play with her!