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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a very busy and very fun Memorial day yesterday! The day started out with having a ride on my bike. Later we got Cynthia ready for Gavin Miner's first birthday party (the first birthday party that she is attending - so exciting!). It was a surf party at a pool so we got all dressed up in our 'beach' gear.

Don't I look just adorable?!

The Miner's live in Provo, so we decided to stop in a visit Layne! Look at how happy Cynthia is, she loves her uncle!

Cynthia had no problems getting into the water, the problems came when we took her out! She loves her independence so we bought her a little floatation device, she loved it at first, and then learnt that she can more fun in the arms of a parent.

Cynthia's floatation device matched Gavin's! It was so cute, Cynthia sat forward and kicked like crazy in her floaty, Gavin lay back, just chillin!

The two little ones playing in the pool, while the two daddy's compare how the two little ones are sitting in their floaties.

She enjoyed being splashed and splashing, the problems came when she started to drink the pool water.

Cynthia enjoyed hanging on Dad's hands and kicking in the water. She was splash and squeal. Ben took her to the steps and she climb out only to run back into the water, good thing Ben was watching her and caught her when she stepped into the pool. When it was time to cut the cake, she screamed when we took her out of the pool. It looks like we are going to be spending more time at the pool this summer.

Little Cute Gavin and his very own cake and candle.

Eating his little cake.

Cynthia making herself welcome on Kristen's (Gavin's mom) lap.

Cynthia had to be the center of attention so she climbed on Kristen's lap while Gavin was opening his presents. She even dropped some Goldfish crackers in the bag for Gavin to eat.
Kristen, I am so sorry for my crazy little girl getting in the way!

Not even two minutes after leaving, we look back at Cynthia and she has already passed out. I that she had to much fun!