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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Visit With Granma and Granpa

Ben's parents came down for a funeral the first weekend in May. Cynthia had so much fun getting spoiled with attention the whole time that they were here. She even got to show off a few times.

When we go shopping, Cynthia has to push the trolley. It is just her thing. So she got to show off her might muscles to Granma.

Granpa, Cynthia and Dad. Three direct generations.

Flower! When Cynthia goes for walks, she has to pick things up. A rock, a pine cone, a flower... She always brings the flower to me when she gets inside.

Granpa and Cynthia. Look at how happy that little girl is!

Doing what she does best... look cute!

Cynthia dancing with Granpa. And oh, does she love to dance!

Cynthia had to show Granpa a few things about the computer that he did not know! Always Little Miss Know-It-All! Even Co-Co (Cynthia's new teddy from Oupa) got to be in some pictures.

Cynthia loves to play with Mom's glasses, but never gets to! So lucky little girl, she got to play with Ganma's glasses! She is so adorable!