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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cynthia's New Owie

Cynthia always helps me cook. She loves to be up on the counter by my side testing everything that I chop up for dinner. She has to get her hands in and help every time. Last night was the same as every other night. I got the little step ladder out for her to climb on and she stood right next to me. I was in the process of finishing up some gravy to put on her mashed potato for her dinner. As I was about to grab her away from the recently turned off burner, she put her hand on it. She then looked at me with a worried expression and I looked at her hand. It looked like white charred skin. Then she started to cry. Her hand went under cold tap water until Ben got home (about 5 - 10 minutes later). She was not happy at all. For two hours we tried everything to calm her down. Our neighbour's sister is a RN who has been out of work since she was in a car accident in December so we gave her a call. Once Cynthia had calmed down and we had successfully stopped the burn from doing any more damage we were able to take a better look at the damage. The poor little girl has blisters covering most of her palm. The bright side about it, is that it could be worse. We need to keep it covered so little Cynthia does not pick at it and we keep it dressed (if that is the right word) with either an aloe gel or burn gel. Lets just hope that it heals quickly and leaves no marks.

Cynthia showing off her newly bandaged hand last night.

Figuring out what is covering her hand

At lunch today when I redressed her little hand, I tried to get a picture of all the blisters. All the red marks on her hand are blisters. There are about three of them. She also has a little on her middle finger at the first joint.

Here is another view of her little blistered hand. She would not hold still long enough to take picture of her hand so I had to hold her hand in place. She did not like that.


Britney said...

Ouch! Poor baby! That doesn't look nice at all.

Anna said...

Oh my! I would have totally freaked out! I hope she's doing better.
So, I don't know if you've checked your Facebook account. Jake and I have to go up to Provo to get our tire fixed under warrenty, and I was hoping that we could stay with you guys. We'll be heading up on Sunday and leaving Tuesday. If that doesn't work for you, I completely understand, I just thought I'd ask.