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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

Ben did not have to work today, so we decided to have some fun. For the last few weeks he has been working 6 days a week. Today was the only day that we have really been able to do something. We had plan to drive out to Antelope Island, but discovered that you needed pay to get in. So not only did you have to drive 1 hour, but you still had to pay. We decided to stay closer to home. To help 'bribe' me to finish my drivers, Ben said that once I completed it we could go to the water park that is just down the road. Lets just say that it was fun but not what I expected. I wanted to get a picture of Cynthia in her little life jacket, but it was so cold that we forgot about it when we got out. After lunch we went up to the planetarium in Salt Lake. You can walk around for free, only the shows cost money. It was great fun.

Walking on Mars

Ben and Cynthia playing weather man/girl

They had this little lever that you could spin and it would light up some light bulbs. The first bulb was 25 watt normal light bulb (the hardest one to light up), the second was a energy saver 25 watt bulb (kinda easy) and the third was a 1.5 watt LED bulb (which was super easy and shone the brightest).