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Friday, September 11, 2009


Cynthia and I had a super great time at the zoo on Thursday. Only part of the zoo was open but there were more than enough animals to keep us entertained for a bit. The first cage we came to was the Big Horn Sheep. I was showing one of them to Cynthia and could not figure out why there was only one in the cage. Then I noticed the other one watching from its little hiding place. I thought it was funny.

Cynthia really loved the animals that were big enough to see that was not behind bush and glass. The big cats - did not care for. Giraffes - loved. She also loved the red panda, the squirrel, the cougar, the little black-footed cat (I think it is her favourite) and some of the monkeys.

Spot the Big Horn Sheep.

The Squirrel

Mr Red Panda eating his apple.
(It could be Mrs - I don't know)

The big black bear playing in the water. We had a great time watching him/her play.

The Gibbon watching us from the top of his cage. It kinda felt disturbing.

The Black-Footed Cat - it looks so cute and cuddly!

The only exhibit that Cynthia would not leave. She climbed out of my arms and kept taking to the little cat.

The best shot that I could get of her without her running away.