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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crafter Critter

These last few weeks I have been feeling very crafty and as a result I have completed many crafts! First, I made Cynthia's Halloween costume (pictures to come on Tuesday). With the left over material and beads, I made her a dress. Then I completed Ethan's birthday present (pictures to come after his birthday so no surprises are given away, same goes for all Christmas presents). I have also managed to complete Christmas presents for Ethan, Kylie and Cynthia. We were walking around a craft store the other night and we found these little canvas pictures ready to paint. Since Cynthia has an Elephant themed room, I found some animals. I had a most of the paints at home and the pictures were cheap, we got a couple. Tonight we played with modeling clay and I made a couple of animals for Cynthia's bedroom (just as soon as we get some shelves on her wall). I feel so crafty, I keep looking for things to create!

Here is Cynthia's little red dress with bead work on the bottom.

The three little canvas pictures that I painted. They are the first things to be put on Cynthia's wall - we have only been here for over a year.

A wide shot so you can see them on the wall.