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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black and White

A few months ago I got this idea for a dress for Cynthia. I have been waiting until we had some money so that I could buy the material that I needed for the dress. Last Sunday I went to dress Cynthia for church and discovered that most of her dresses were way to short. I think that she had a growth spurt this week because most of her jeans are suddenly to short as well. So this week we bought all the material that I wanted and off I went. I used a basic pattern that I have and altered it to what I wanted. All the black is part of the alterations that I made. Originally there was supposed to be a white flower on the black waist band and the black chest was not going to be part of the dress. The flower I got was to big and never looked good so I went to plan B. There is also a second layer under the dress with mesh stuff to help give it flare. I think that it is darling. What do you think?

The front

The back

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Autumn said...

darling! You are a domestic goddess! Way to go. I want to hear about your New Moon date.