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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Car-Car

Monday's and Friday's I watch our neighbours little boy, Carson. Cynthia loves little Carson to bits and pieces and always want to help. She calls him Car-Car or Baby Car-Car. It is so cute.

Ben, Cynthia and Carson. Ben and Carson were napping and then Cynthia woke up from her nap and wanted to join them.

Cynthia holding Carson and giving him his binkie.

Cynthia trying to get Carson's attention.

Cynthia going in to give him kisses.

The chair Carson is sitting in has some setting. Cynthia loves to change the setting for Carson.

Cynthia trying to get Carson to take his binkie. She still uses the green hospital binkie (and wont give it up). It has a little thing that sticks out on the back of it and Ben and I always steal it out of her month or something like that. That is what she is trying to do with Carson. But his binkie is a Nuk so it does not work.