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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cynthia Moments

Since Cynthia is getting older, she is learning so much. She is talking - not that most of it is understandable and she is way to clever for her own good. Well, since she is starting to do and say some funny things, I have been wondering where I should record them. So that we can look back on them in years to come. I decided what better place than right here. They are going to be titled "Cynthia Moments" and it is just going to be something cute, funny, serious, really anything is Cynthia.

Cynthia Moment 1:
This was around the end of November. Cynthia had started to teeth her last 4 teeth before she had a complete toddler set of teeth.

Mom: All you want for Christmas is 4 more teeth
Cynthia: No
Mom: What do you want for Christmas then?
Cynthia: See-Shees

See-Shees are Goldfish, Cynthia's favourite snack.

Cynthia Moment 2:
Around October/November. Cynthia and I had just run to the store. One our way back to the car she was jibber-jabbing. Amongst all the non words, I heard her say "happy."

Mom: What about happy?
Cynthia: All gone

Cynthia Moment 3:
With our 2008 tax returns we bought Ben is Leather-man that he has been wanting forever. He always wears in on his belt. So he uses it on a regular basis. The other night Cynthia wanted to open the battery compartment on one of her toys. Since it was screwed closed, she could not do it. Off she went to Ben, when Ben would not help her open it, she walked around to the side that his Leather-man was on, opened the pouch and took it out. She then proceeded to try and open the compartment with the closed Leather-man. When that did not work, she grabbed Ben's hand, put the Leather-man into it and moved his hand to the toy. It was so funny to watch. It really is an eye opener to see how much she watches us do.