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Monday, January 25, 2010

OCD in the Making

Ben and I worry sometimes that Cynthia is going to be OCD or something. Tonight our neighbour dropped off a birthday present of her. Later we found her doing this:

Organizing and smoothing the tissue paper that came with her present

On another note about Cynthia and OCD. A few weeks ago we were at McDonald's. Cynthia took a bunch of serviettes and started to unfold them and place them one next to another on the table. Once she had successfully smoothed and straighten, she arranged fries on the serviettes evenly spaced parallel to each other. It was very interesting to watch.

A friend was telling us that his wife helps to teach their kids colours and shapes in toys by cleaning them up in colours or shapes. For example: all orange toys first or all squares first. I thought that would be a good idea for Cynthia. Then Ben reminded me that we might be feeding her OCD if we do it that way.

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linda said...

such cute videos - we always enjoy seeing everyone! and by the way - all kids love organizing, folding, sorting, lining things up etc etc - it is like a stage they go through and some get over it faster and more and others less. Sometimes I think we are all OCD.
And don't worry - either we are or not and using it to teach her with won't make it worse, in fact it will help you know to what extent she does it and how it motivates her. One of my kids loved to put things into small holes (and still does it when absent minded the way some kids doodle)- it about drove me nuts to have every pop bottle (or other opening) get anything that fit put inside.