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Friday, February 26, 2010


A few weeks ago we were out late - way past dinner. So we decided to pick up something small to hold everyone over until we got home. We got Cynthia some chicken nuggets, thinking it would be something that she could eat by herself and enjoy. The last time we had to pick up something small to hold everyone over, we got Cynthia a Jr. hamburger, which she had a hard time eating. Well this time, all she wanted to do was eat Daddy's burger. She would lick the sauce that was falling out, take a bite out of the top of the bun, steal a piece of bacon, all she wanted was Dad's burger. Funny little girl. She would go crazy trying to get a bite of it. I wanted to take pictures of the first half of it, but I thought my camera was at home. Once all the fun and games were over and Ben gave into Cindy, I realized that I had the camera with me.

Taking large bites out of Daddy's burger

Smiling for the camera

The biggest of all bites - the last. Took over half of the last part of the burger.

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