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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Home

Since my mom, Marius and the three cats arrived, we have been looking for a new place to live. We have been trying to stay with a budget and we finally found something. We wanted a house, but beggars can't be choosers. We settled for a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment in a apartment complex. It is located on the third floor and has a balcony. The kitchen is not as big as I like it, but the way that it is laid-out it does not feel small and crapped. And because we are now in an apartment community there is a pool, jacuzzi/spa fitness center, play ground, free movie rentals, basket ball court, racket ball court and two tennis courts. Some fun for the summer time!
The layout of the new apartment - just flipped from the one we are renting.

Kitchen view of dining room/hallway/living room

Laundry room behind kitchen

Living room, just left of the picture is the front door and entry way. The sliding doors lead to a balcony.

The kitchen, behind the doors by the fridge is a storage room with washer and dryer

Another view of the kitchen, doors open the show the washer/dryer

Dining room

Hallway. First door on left, Mom and Marius's room, second door on left, Cynthia's room, first door on right, general/public bathroom, second door on right linen cupboard, door at end, master bedroom.

General/public bathroom

Mom and Marius's bedroom. The small window shows the balcony.

Cynthia's Room

Master bathroom - same as general bathroom but opposite sides.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom walk-in closet - it is huge, if we really wanted to we could use it as a child's bedroom, minus windows and such.

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Britney said...

Nice! When are you moving?