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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boeuf Bourguignon a la Julia Child

Way back in January we watch Julie and Julia - such a cute movie for those of you who have not seen it! Well as most of you know, Ben has food allergies. So I am also looking for something new to make for him. Well after watching that movie I decided that I wanted to try the boeuf bourguignon recipe since it looked like it was Ben friendly. This weekend I got to do it. So much work but worth it. I think that it is going on my monthly menu.

The final dish - after about 4 hours of work

The dinner table - I kind of went up and beyond. I figured since I was making a fancy meal, I should do something fancy. So I pulled out the serviettes that mom brought from Africa and made them into fans. Then we got sparkling grape cider and used our flute glasses. It was a great meal! So tasty.

Ben wanted a picture with the wine bottle in it. The boeuf bourguignon called for a full-bodied young red wine, so we bought a 2007 Bordeaux.

Next time I make it I think I am going to think past the meal and find a fancy dessert to go with it.