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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Relief Society Birthday Cakes

About a month or say ago, my old ward asked me to make 3 cakes for their Relief Society birthday party on March 2. I was excited. This is my first cake gig for someone other than my family. I was hoping to hear from a job and start work today, so I made all the cakes yesterday.

First cake completed. Red Velvet Coconut with buttercream icing and roses. The 'RS' is made out of fondant and covered in glitter. The roses also have glitter on it. And yes, it is edible.

Cake two completed. Chocolate on Chocolate. It is a triple fudge chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips in the batter torte with chocolate pudding. It is covered with lilic fondant and fondant flowers. Once again everything except the purple ribbon is edible.

Final cake completed. It is the checkerboard pattern made with the triple fudge chocolate cake and starlight white cake layered with vanilla buttercream. The balls around the bottom are covered in edible glitter as well. The '168' is how old the RS is.

I am interested in which cake is your favourite. Mom and Marius go with the third cake and Ben likes the first cake.


Ginger said...

I can't taste them but I like the look and sound of the second one. You are amazing! Very talented. Good job. Say hi to the family for us! love u. ginger

linda said...

Definitely the second one! Definitely!!