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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cyndi's New Skirt

Yesterday Ouma, Cyndi and I went to Walmart. I needed to pick up some supplies for two dresses that I am going to make for Cyndi this coming week. We got what I needed and we were looking at patterns and a few other things when I found some cute material. I picked it up so I could check out the price. It was $1/yard. I turned to Ouma and asked her what she thought of the material, she liked it but not very much for Cyndi. She thought that it was to 'old' for her. Then I told her the price and we both agreed that it was wonderful and would make a cute skirt. After Walmart we put Cyndi to bed and I made her this little skirt:

I think that she looks stunning - but then I am biased!

A close up of the material. Even though it might be to 'old' for Cyndi, I think that she pulls it off very well. It just goes to show that she can really wear anything and make it look good!

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Linda said...

Kids can wear any fabric when it is made to 'suit' them. BTW - I love the fabric. Is the pattern embroidered or embossed? I think it could be made up into many darling dress styles ...