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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium

A few weeks ago we took Cyndi to the aquarium. She loved most of it. There were a few creatures that she did not enjoy at all. But over all it was great fun!

Cyndi in the front of the Bull Frog cage

Find the Bull Frog

Cyndi was scared of the frog. All the other kids would climb on it and have their pictures taken.

Cyndi and the skew mirrors

A cute little sea horse

Little see bug

Ben and Cyndi looking at the fish

There was a little play area. At first Cyndi would not go and play but after a few minutes, we could not get her out of the play area.

The entrance to South America

Playing in a little canoe by the entrance to South America

Cyndi was holding the Penguin's hand