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Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Is How We Eat Ramen!

Today Ben made some Ramen (2-minute noodles) and Cyndi wanted some. So he put some in a bowl for her and she played with it. I am not sure how it happened but when I looked again, she was eating her Ramen right off her high chair. I tried to take a video but she would not do it (Video 1). Then I 'hid' the camera behind my flowers and took another video (Video 2). She ate the Ramen off the high chair again when she thought that she was not being videoed.

1 Comment:

Linda said...

No, mom no! Don't you get it? NO!!
Too funny that she gets all dainty.
I think she suspected in the 2nd shot and 'want out' to go check on you and that camera.