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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Shared called me up today and invited Cyndi and I to go bowling with them. So off we went. It was great fun. Cyndi had the time of her life playing with the balls and her cousins. On the way to the bowling ally, Cyndi was saying: 'Kylie's house, Kylie's house.' She loves to go and play with her cousins.

Cyndi loved to move the balls around. I kept getting a little worried that she was going to pinch her fingers, but she was very good about watching for that.

Cyndi was dancing

Cyndi would go and sit next to Ethan and then scoot closer to him. He would move away and she would scoot closer again. It was cute to watch.

I let Cyndi bowl every now and again. The ball kept loosing momentum and stopping before it got to the end. But Cyndi had fun and that is all that counts

After her turn watching everyone

The three little cousins all watching Britney bowl. I thought that was just a cute picture.

Thanks for a fun day Shared and Britney!