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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Candy Factory Tour

Last Monday for Family Home Evening, Granpa got off from work early and took us all to the Liberty Orchards candy factory where they make Aplets and Cotlets (they are a Washington jelly candy that has nuts in). The factory was in a small town called Cashmere, about 2 hours away. It was great fun to check it out. We asked someone to take a picture of us just before we went of the tour and they cut Cyndi out of the picture. I am little unhappy because now we don't have a group picture.

Granma, Cyndi and me in the tour line watching things happen

The big double boilers mixing all the ingredients together to make the candy

Pouring the candy in molds. Once it is poured, it is pushed the side and cools to room temperature. Once at room temperature, it is placed into the fridge to set.

Candy storage

The candy in slabs getting covered with powder sugar and cut in shape

The sugar in the background

Cyndi excited about all the candy. Look at that smile on her face!

Putting the information in the boxes

The candy box fillers. People sit and fill the boxes with the candy

The machine that wraps the boxes in plastic

The candy boxes coming out the plastic wrapping machine

Top Belt: The lids on their way to where they get put on the boxes

Bottom Belt: The boxes of candy on their way to get wrapped in plastic

Putting the boxes into a large storage box

Cyndi taking her hair net off after the tour. I was very surprised that she kept it on and never fiddled with it once.

Thanks Granpa for a fun filled Family Home Evening!