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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cyndi's New Owie

Yesterday morning, Cyndi was playing with Granma in the kitchen. The game was 'Boo.' Its one of Cyndi's favourite games to play. She says 'Boo' and you jump with fright. The bigger the jump, the funny it is. So Cyndi went and scared Granma, she jumped, Cyndi laughed. Granma the turned and went 'Boo' to Cyndi. Cyndi then laughed and turned to run away. In the process of running she had some altercation with the slops that she was wearing and/or the chair leg that she was passing and down she went - nothing new, when she gets exciting her balance and coordination fly out the window. Granma went to help brush her off, when she noticed the problem. Cyndi's mouth, chin and fingers that were close were now covered in blood. After hearing the screams from Cyndi and the calling from Granma, I came running to see what at happened. I got and grab a towel from the bathroom and place it on Cyndi's mouth and then I cuddle her to help her calm down. (I used a towel because a tissue or paper towel would just get stuck in the wound.) It really was not a pretty picture. Once I got Cyndi calmed down, she pushed the towel away and put her binki in her mouth. Then I took her into my bedroom so she can snuggle while I carry on with work. A little later, I got her some Sprite and ice and with that I was able to con Cyndi into letting me take a look at the damage to her lip. I got a little worried about it, so Granma called a friend who has a nurse for a daughter. The said where the owie was located the doctors would not do anything for it. Grampa came home from work during lunch (so we could have the car in case I decided that we needed to made a doctor trip) to take a look at the lip. So after talking with Ben and everyone else, I decided not to take Cyndi to the doctor. Most of the day yesterday she ate ice and popsicles - she loved that!

At first we thought that maybe a tooth had gone through her lip, but now looking at it, I have no idea how it happened. She has a cut on the outside of her lip. It is about 1/4 inch long and it is jagged. She also has a graze looking thing on the inside of her lip right next to another cut. The inside of her lip in swollen as well. Yesterday when she woke up from her nap her lip was bout 4 tips the size of it normally. So we gave her a popsicle and it shrunk down to the size it is now.

The inside of her lip.

The outside of her lip.

Sorry the pictures are not the best, Cyndi would not hold still long enough for me to take good picture where you could see the owie in details.

Update: Today Cyndi has been acting like her normal self. Her lip is still swollen but that is not standing in her way of anything.

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The Ames Family said...

poor cindy! but still so cute

love you guys