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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Tripping To Washington

Back in the beginning of June, Ben's brother graduate from college. So we took a trip up for the graduation. We left on Friday night, arrived Saturday morning, graduation was Saturday afternoon (Cyndi and I got sunburnt because we were not told the graduation was outside), had a graduation party Saturday night, church Sunday morning, visit with Shared and the family Sunday afternoon and left Sunday night. It was a short yet very tiring weekend. We did bring Clarence home with us to that made the driving easier. Cyndi did not like the trip up to WA. She screamed and cried about 85% of the way there. She only slept the last 3 or so hours. It was a hard trip. She slept very well on the way back.

Cyndi in the back seat. Look at all those curls in her hair.

The view from the front window.