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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Utah Hogle Zoo

Memorial day we decided to go to the zoo as a family. It was great fun. Cyndi's favourite animal was the elephant. But she loved the whole thing. It was great fun!

Baby elephant.

Cyndi watching the mommy and baby elephant

Cyndi showing us where the baby elephant was.

Baby elephant playing

So this was the funnies thing. No the Tortoises are not doing something that is inappropriate. When we arrived. the big tortoise was just sitting there and the little one had just started to eat. Then the big tortoise decided that he wanted food, so instead of sharing the food bowl, he climbed over the little one, stood all over her, squished her and pushed her out of the way. The he proceed to eat. It was just funny.

Ben and Cyndi at the giraffe section. You can see the male and female in the picture. The zoo is trying to get them to breed. Apparently there is a small window of opportunity with giraffes.

I like the look on the giraffes face.

Cyndi and I were trying on hats in the store.

Cyndi met a friend while she was playing on the tiger statues.

Cyndi loves drinking fountains.

Ben and Cyndi with the elephants. This was on the way out when there was not that many people by the elephants. We had just bought Cyndi her stuffed elephant and she wanted it back.

On the way out, Ben ran into a friend he grew up with in Moses Lake, WA. He took a picture of us at the front entry way of the zoo.