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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cyndi's New Friend - Jenna

When we first moved to Moses Lake and went to church we were told about a little girl named Jenna. She was strong willed and dominated the nursery. I kinda laughed and said that she had not met Cyndi yet. I did not realise how true that would be. Over the next month or so the two girls went head to head. One Sunday the one would push everyone around and then the next Sunday they would change rolls. Neither one stayed on top very long. A few weeks ago Jenna's Dad engaged Cyndi in a little 2-year conversation. Jenna saw this and wanted a piece of the action. The next thing both girls were sitting on his lap sharing toys with each other. Now the two of them are like little twins. They follow each other, they hold hands, they copy what the other is doing. It is just so cute.

The two girls sat down together and then the moms, Jenna's dad and Granma all whipped out their phones to capture the cute moment between the girls.

The Mom's were a little busy so Granma took to girls to run and play together

Such little cuties - holding hands

Watching to see if they were still being followed

Deciding what to do next

Little Twins - identical movements

The Mom's arrived and said that it was time to go and the two little girls just took off in different directions. It is rather funny to see.