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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Helping in the Garden

Cyndi loves to be helping and love to be outside, so when you combine the two, she is in her element. Yesterday Granpa had a FIFO day, so Cyndi got to help Granpa around the garden. It was so cute to watch. First they cut the grass. Cyndi has a little push toy that she converts to whatever she needs it to be, a trolley, a basket, a lawn-mower, a walker, her ideas are endless. She first started out following Granpa pushing her toy as if it were a lawn-mower as well. Then she got on Granpa's shoulders. He would stop by low hanging things so Cyndi could play with then, like trees. Then when they went to cut the grass in the back, she got to help with the pushing of the lawn-mower. It was so cute to watch.

Stopping by a tree so Cyndi can play with the leaves and branches

She loves to help so much!