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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ruffle Skirt, Shiny Shirt

Last night I made Cyndi a new skirt. It was super simple and fun to make. The real problem happened once we were at church. Cyndi was climbing and being all-round crazy today. Half way through Sacrament she had already snapped the thread in 4 ruffles. I took the skirt off to try and fix it or something, but I had no idea what was happening - so much thread. So I asked Linda to take a look at it. She went outside for a few minutes and when she came back, the skirt was somewhat back together. She had a needle in the car and threaded the threads back in to hold it. Well by the time we got home, I had to re-ruffle most of the skirt. When I ruffled it again, I added some extra re-enforcement, so I hope next time she wears it, it will last longer than a couple of hours.

Before church - when the skirt was still ruffled.

The re-ruffled skirt.

I had removed the back pockets of the denim skirt that I got. I was planning and just moving them up, but once I had completed the ruffles and everything, it looked good without them. So I grabbed one of Cyndi's shirts and I added a pocket to it. Then I sewed some sequences around so that it would match the skirt.

Such a cute little model. She would pose, then move and pose again. Once she was done on the couch, she moved to the next location.

Posing again. I was able to take one more picture after this one and then she turned around and said 'No more pictures.' It was so cute. Then she proceeded in taking the camera from me and posing me on the chair. I love this little girl. She has such an adorable character to her.